Buckled Like The Wheel On A Small Child’s Pushbike

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Good morning comrades.

Citizen Modric has returned to training. The only minor issue being that he’s doing his in a different country to the rest of the first team squad. According to the OS, the Croatian Crackerhead was at The Lodge yesterday.

‘The player is under club discipline. The chairman feels the way he has behaved is not common, professional behaviour. 

This was without question prompted by the cold hard cash haemorrhaging from his salary and without being over-dramatic it’s time to face facts and the little fella is now dead to us.

This is Berbatov Part2. 

‘We’ve been open with him, saying we are ready to listen to offers for him, which is uncommon.

It’s difficult to put a cigarette paper between this situation and that of the Bulgarian. The core difference is that unlike Slur Alex’s gentle massaging of the press, we’ve yet to really have any comment from The Special One.

‘He’s had a lot of interest in him before but he has behaved very professionally. This is the first time he has acted like this. We don’t know what sort of advice he is receiving.

I can tell you one thing. This  era of players going on strike will be a short one. The next generation of footballer contracts won’t be as naive. No play, no pay. 

Modric has buckled; it is absolutely vital that the club crush his dreams of manipulating this situation further. Spurs are under no obligation to sell at any price. Spurs are under no obligation to be held to ransom.  

The obvious issue is how long Spurs can afford to have £30m+ worth of ‘stock’ sitting in the warehouse?

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  • bumfudgemacsnot says:

    My increasing admiration for Levy is giving me a stiffy. I will unscrew it and beat ratboy upside the head with it. My shlong has all the attachments.

  • NYSpurs says:

    Need to get rid as soon as possible, but for the right price before his antics start to affect the squad. I hope to be seeing a new big name attacking midfielder at Sid James Park on 18th Aug with the money we get for him.

  • dixta says:

    mug modric

  • Happy hamster says:

    5th and proud of it : ))

  • Spurs tough says:

    I love cycling :-/

    • The Tottinghams says:

      I’m quite fond of slagging off Defoe & Jenas

    • Thepin says:

      If you’re anything like me, you will probably love Synchronised Swimming in a weeks time, then it’ll be Hockey, followed by Rythmic Gymnastics, then Women’s Long Jump etc.etc. It’s inevitable.

      And obviously Beach Volleyball, but then we all love Beach Volleyball. I think they should introduce minnions, like they have in Tennis,running around towelling players down – “Let me just get that wayward gusset for you miss Czech Republic, just part those cheeks like so…, and there we are. Your serve I think.”


      • calebray says:

        i actually hold a world record at the olympics – i managed to knock one off over the female weight lifting :-D

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