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Good evening. 

This from the Official Site. The Olympique Lyonnais Official Site, that is. This was published at a minute after 2000hrs this evening.

L’Olympique Lyonnais informe ne pas avoir trouvé d’accord avec Tottenham pour le transfert d’Hugo Lloris.

Les propositions transmises ce soir par Tottenham se sont éloignées très sensiblement du principe qui avait été acté le 26 août et qui avait permis d’ouvrir les discussions entre le joueur et le club londonien.

In short the statement says that the proposal submitted tonight by Spurs is significantly different to a proposal that was agreed in principle four days ago. 

To my mind this smacks of everybody, not just Tottenham playing chicken on these transfer deals. The first guy to blink loses.

The Dembele deal is a good example. Not a single ITK had a sniff of it. Because the price was quoted and Spurs told that was the price. Not an opening a price, but that only two bids would be entertained.  A bid at the figure on the swing ticket …or a bid in excess of that figure.

Hotspurs Half Hour – Show 3 by hotspurshalfhour

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  • A_Felching says:


  • CLaw says:

    Be interesting to see what we come back with, if anything. Hope this doesn’t sour the deal and stop him joining.

    • Habib says:

      I think egos are involved now. That usually means Football loses. Don’t see this happening. Skeltenburg it is!

  • Northern Yidd says:

    This is Bollocks just sort it Levy or we will end up with nothing. :angry:

    • mynameissiggy says:

      I don’t think so… (well at least I hope not!) Its maneuvering… he wants a move, spurs want a deal & OL are playing hardball… we did it with RM!

    • Andrew says:

      This is poor, real poor. I think DL is shortdchanging this Hugo Lloris deal because he wants as much money available to him as possible to bring Fernando Llorente on board. I like Llorente, but there are better strikers out there that cost less, but we still need a keeper. Saldado is great but he’s not leaving his club, but Falcao is good, Remy is decent and we could have signed Demba Ba before the end of July but as usual, fired a blank. What’s going on you SPURS!!!????

    • TD says:

      End up with nothing ?.

      So Sigurdsson,Vetonghen,Adebayor and Dembele a figment of my imagination ?

      Some people

      • Andrew says:

        No imagination, maybe a figment, but certainly no imagination TD. We made some very good signings and Dembele is one to watch for the future. However, no one signed over £15m/£16m. In the case of Adebayor, not that Man C. needed the £5, but they wanted his wage concerns dealt with so they could be rid of him. I wouldn’t have minded if we could have also taken Edin Dzeko as the forward may eventually find he has no place at his club if Mancini and co. have their way.

        Something’s not right with these stories as for one, we basically ended our interest in the 29yr old Dutch keeper Stekelenberg only to flop on the Lloris deal? I would have thought that if Lyon was such a tough club to deal with and they asked for £12.9 then I wouold have thought we should have just offered £13.1 and got it over with, so they can’t say we never met the player’s valuation. Penny pinching may save money but if you don’t spend money you can’t make money, thus the business won’t move forward.

      • Calum says:

        None of these signings are good enough – were heading for a shit season unless we get a creative player on board, someone who can pick a pass and control the tempo of a game.

        If Adebayor is injured its season over because Defoe can’t lead the line.

        If we don’t get a big top class player in tomorrow there is no hope of CL.

        Does no one else think sigurdson is a poor mans vdv?

        • Rocks says:

          I agree with everything you said son. Apart from the bit about siggy! He has the potential to be be much better in creative plays and finishing than Vdv ever was or will be. He wil hit this potential this season. Watch this space

        • Andrew says:


          This is good, very good. Dembele has big potential. he showed a lot of skill and awareness in Fulham’s loss to Man. U. Sigurdsson is good, but he shines in a team with less star players, looks ordinary so far for us. Vertonghen is a good signing. Ade, well….Ade is Ade. Somewhere in the middle of the season he goes MIA. QWe need an attacking midfielder that’s a real trouble maker with the opposing defenses and a goal greedy striker. The difference between Big teams and the rest is that if a Big team really wants someone good who’s being sold for £20m, they pay £21m and get it out of the way. When a team asks £20m for a player (like Willian), Spurs offers £11.8m then renew their bid after being rejected at £11.9m. LOL I wouldn’t be surprised at this rate if we end up signing Del Piero and Michael Owen and extend Friedel’s contract through 2014.

    • Devonshirespur says:

      This could be the Dawson Effect…..Levy banking on a £9m sale to QPR now trying to juggle figures as we need to keep Daws after Kaboom’s injury

  • Bobbles says:

    Lets face it, if you were running Lyon and you wanted to squeeze an extra few hundred grand out of someone, this is exactly the sort of story you might put on your website.

    I still see it being done.

  • Nonono says:

    What the hell?! We reached agreement with Lloris.
    But at the last moment, Levy blowed it!!!
    What’s wrong with Levy?
    OL is now angry, and they will never talk with us…. Fuck.

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