Dembele Then Lloris And At Least One More

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Good morning.

Lloris’s arrival at The Lane is imminent we’re told. One commentator on Spurs Community suggesting that after negotiations didn’t seem to have achieved too much s few weeks back we apparently received a call a day or two ago essentially saying, ‘if you still want him, we’re good to go.’

Friedel is owed a debt of thanks by Spurs fans for stepping into a situation that was pretty horrible. Gomes, once one of the finest goal keepers in the world reduced to a wincing shadow of his former self.

Moussa Demebele is allegedly a Spurs player too. This is an inspired bit of business and for all the talk of Moutinho, this guy knows the league and is ready to rock.

The third kit is out. This exquisite garment has been lovingly manufactured by Maison Sweatshop Under Armour and comes as is in a duo tone Battleship Grey and Taxi de Londres. If I’d known this was in the pipeline I’d have given the 125th kit an easier ride.

The window closes at midnight in two days time and not before. There should be more signings, possibly two, certainly one. Levy & Co. have not been dawdling, these deals are complex. But then the intelligent amongst you already knew that.

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  • ran says:

    FIRST !!!

  • Thepin says:


  • Habib says:

    We’re plugging in the right gaps. I do hope we get a lennon backup or someone for whom Lennon becomes a backup when he starts to have his “suck at four games in a row” phase. I’d say it’s between Willian, Granero or Afellay.

    Cans someone tell me where Dembele will play in a 4-3-2-1?

    • fothers says:

      Dembele can cover right wing

      • Habib says:

        Good! So in tough away agmes we play both Parker and Sandro and turn Lennon into a pacy impact sub when Man U’s legs are tired. I LIKE.

        • Stu Barney says:

          To be honest Habib, from watching the Man U game, he can play all along the last 3rd of midfield, a very useful player to have and also I might add, it is nice to go for a player that is very good but not a bertie big bollocks who throws his toys out of the pram when he does not get the transfer he wants, aka Clint Dempsey.

          Hope we can pull it off, as they say, it is not over until the rotund lady sings.

    • TD says:

      who plays 4-3-2-1 ? not us.

    • Hamster1 says:

      Dembele will sit in the middle controlling the game with his passing power 6ft 1 and surprising pace I honestly believe he’s better than modric
      Lennon will be back up at best to willian tell
      So ade lone striker
      Supported by the above and bale with sandro and siggurson

      • hekko says:

        He is very different to Modric… Definitely unfair to say better and very debatable at that.

        Modric basically (or at least very rarely lost the ball). Dembele runs forward powerfully and at speed… but he does lose the ball.

        He can play centre mid but is a very different player to modders. Not sure he is the ideal replacement but he is good.

  • Hartley says:

    Hope I’m wrong but can’t help thinking that Demebele isn’t all that… :wassat:
    as for the third kit…. :sick:

    • Totspurs says:

      He is outstanding and getting better in every game fantastic signing ;-)

    • Deano says:

      Spoke to a Fulham supporting mate of mine and they are devastated hes leaving.
      Rated extremely highly there and since converting to a midfielder theyve said hes top notch.

    • Smoked Salmon says:

      The kit needs more pink.

    • paul says:

      Not all that!!! you serious this guy is top notch he ripped united apart at the weekend..not many players do that

    • Eton Trifle says:

      He was the best player on the pitch vs Utd.
      Completed 49 out of 50 passes and completed 9/9 dribbles, the whole Man Utd team only completed 8 dribbles in the same match.

      I think we have got a seriously good player who is going to improve by being with us and playing with better players around him.

  • MarseilleYid says:

    If we are to get one more player other than Lloris, it needs to be a striker. If Adebayor gets injured we would be in big trouble.

    I can only see Willian coming in if VdV is shipped out.

    • Mark says:

      Bale, Dembele, Sigurdsson, Willian – seems the midfield will be asked to score the goals to aid Ade but yes Kane isn’t ready and Defoe it seems can only shoot from outside the area, but then id Damaio is coming in January it’s only 3 months, what could possibly go wrong!

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