€12M Bid In For M’Vila? Fü¢% Him, We Need A Œ@nt¼ng Striker!

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Good afternoon.

More transfer gossip this time courtesy of and the name in the frame is none other than Yann M’Vila. Yann as you may be aware was the subject of endless tales linking him to the Woolwich Wanderers.

But le10sport are running a piece including this :

According to our information, the club’s most active right now would be Tottenham. Discussions were held with representatives of the player and the English club is preparing to send an offer close to 12 million for M’Vila. 

Yann is a defensive mid by trade and therefore not a striker.

More as I get it.

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  • JimmyT says:

    I’ve heard good things but we’ve got Sandro, Parker, Jake and others that can play a holding midfield role.

    fu%c2%a2-him-we-need-a-oent%c2%bcng-striker !!!

    • Bobbles says:

      I can’t see it happening, but if it did I think we’d see Jake sold this window – which is ok as I can see him being happier at someone like Birmingham.

      An M’Vila for Livermore trade sounds a bit more sensible than just stockpiling defensive mids!

  • Harryhotair says:

    This HIV bloke hasn’t a fucking clue,Harry back plz

    • Turnip says:

      Mug! Redknapp really knew what he was doing. Nelson, saha…. Yeah real class. It’s a month till the window closes calm down!

    • melcyid says:

      you can follow him on fantasy football :winke:

    • Ryan says:

      Arry back? Buys old players, plays creative midfielders upfront (VDV), leaves a prolific striker on the bench and let’s Bale do what he likes which unsettles the formation. The guy was a twitchy idiot who inherited a great team, ok he has good man management but tactics of a neanderthal. He will be sticking his head out of a car window at a championship club pretty soon.

  • MarseilleYid says:

    A good player nevertheless.

  • Ginge1 says:

    Gutted we’ve not got a striker, however this guy looks quality (and anyone we can pinch from under the goons noses is always a bonus!) I’m hoping we’re going to be signing someone from the Olympics and that’s why it’s not yet tied up. M’Villa, Ade & Damiao would make me a very happy bunny!

    • Blobby says:

      1.we should give Ade the extra 4 million , we’d be lucky to get a striker of his quality for 9 million .
      2. sell modders to real and take this Sahin guy on loan plus the dough , he has an exceptional reputation .
      3.get Dzagoev to replace modders
      4. give Dos santos a chance , he obviously is a talented forward
      5. COYS

      • Blobby says:

        Btw levy can double his money for modders , so why delay our chances of getting a replacement ,

      • Ginge1 says:

        Blobby – in reply,
        1. I agree we should snap him up, if he’s only costing 5/6m it’s a bargain. However the rumours are its a problem he’s got at the City end, i’d be tempted to chuck him a bigger signing on fee (due to his bargain price) to get the deal done but we have to be careful of how we are seen (ie not caving in)
        2. If we cave to Real like we’ve done before we’ll never get to where we want as the biggest clubs will just talk our best players into throwing a hissy fit knowing we’ll cave and we’ll end up going nowhere fast. The price has been set pay up or Modric is kept, may not be ideal right now but the message it sends longer term will be worth way more than one unhappy player. Also rumour is Sahin turned a loan move to us down flat (although no idea if this is true)
        3. Dzagoev is Russian, name the last Russian to do well in the EPL?
        4. Agree
        5. Agree
        6. We get bullied against the best teams, midfield two of Sandro & M’Villa in my opinion would not get bullied and overrun. Both young, both got great engines and pace (which for all his attributes Parker doesn’t. If we sell Modders we could do with more flair in midfield but I still think we need another beast in midfield (Parker’s not quite good enough against the best and is getting older plus he’s already no spring chicken)
        7. We still need someone ontop of Ade anyway!

  • Joeyspurs says:

    I hope this is true he would slot nicely along side sandro in those hard away games in a 4 2 3 1. I find it hard to believe that we won’t sign a striker so I’m not too worried. If every spurs fan knows we need a striker I’m sure avb and levy know too

    • mjm says:

      Yea I agree he would slot in perfectly but 12mill won’t get him I dont think and we will sign another striker I’m happy he ain’t rushing into it there’s no rush

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