Long Is The Way And Hard, That Out Of Hell Leads Up To Lilywhite

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Good afternoon.

I was in analysis, you should know that about me, I was in group analysis when I was younger, ’cause I couldn’t afford private…I was captain of the latent paranoid softball team. We used to play all the neurotics on sunday morning. Nailbiters against the bedwetters, and if you’ve never seen neurotics play softball, it’s really funny. I used to steal second base, and feel guilty and go back.

Obviously stolen from Woody Allen, but I am seriously beginning to wonder about the mental health of my fellow fan. The narrow mindedness of many has left me pretty convinced that we are in no small part supported by a gaggle of small mined simpletons. Ha. Maybe this is my Gerald Ratner moment.  Well if I wake up after lunch to discover they’ve gone then sentient few that remain are blessed.

Do we need strikers, do we in fact need a bit of need of good transfer lovin’ in any number of departments? Of course we do.

But does anyone seriously believe that Levy & Co. are somehow nonchalantly swanning about only occasionally checking their email during the adverts on daytime television? These critics are the same pseudo commie neo pinko idiots that still believe the Chairman’s only in it for the money and/or that Joe Lewis needs to stick his hand in his pocket. Jesus wept. 

Patience isn’t a virtue in football, as in real life it’s a necessity. If you think that footballers sit on shelves in some mystical footballer supermarket somewhere, beneath a shelf-talker with bar code and care instructions printed upon it? Some expectens of millions spent on a man who they can adopt and champion as ‘this seasons Messiah’ with the same expedience they’d employ buying a Happy Meal.

I hear your pain brother, alas Mr Jolly lives next door. The firm are on it.

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  • MarseilleYid says:

    You have a point, HH. BUT…. 5 days until kick-off and we don’t have a forward line, our ‘best’ player is training on his own. It’s not good.

    I’m sure DL will bring in some good players, but why is it always so late? We start the season with an unsettled side and there’s no need for it.

    We saw last season that every point is crucial. We are making it hard for ourselves and if/when we get off to a slow start the press will be all over AVB saying he’s not up to it and we’ll have HR piping up saying he would have done better.

    It’ll all be self-inflicted.

    • Harry Hotspur says:

      As they say on Discount Day at the bakery… you’ve missed the biscuit.

      • MattSP says:

        I truly wish there was a ‘like’ button now HH on this reply!

      • MarseilleYid says:

        Not sure what that is supposed to mean, HH. Are you saying I’ve missed the point of your posting?

        Why are we struggling to bring in players when Chelsea have added Hazard, Marin, Oscar – all players we were supposedly after? Yes they have money, but the only player we ever got really late in the transfer window worth having was VdV. The rest of the deadline day signings have been crap.

    • Justin(SydenhamYid) says:

      I have given up

    • Justin(SydenhamYid) says:

      We need to face a few facts.
      Damiao, Lorente, Moutinho!
      We have no chance of signing those players or anyone who costs more than 20 mil. It matters not that we are linked with everyone of them, and players like them, year in year out. How many do we actually sign? I’m stupid so I need to get my calculator out. I will tot it up now.
      Well that’s a big surprise. Wasn’t expecting that amount. ITS FECKING NOBE. NONE IS HOW MANY WE HAVE SIGNED.

      • Andrew says:

        LOL x 10

        The fact is, we’ve been linked to every player and their grandmother, and at this rate, we’re likely to be told that one of the golden agers may still end up costing us €20m. It seems even when we are interested, really interested, the other team doesn’t want to sell. Everyone wants to sign with a club that can pay them weekly wages of £100k and up and are in the Champion’s League. Anyone know if Dean Ashton is well enough to come out of retirement? he and Allan Shearer?

        • Justin(SydenhamYid) says:

          We bid silly money for that C@NT that went to City and the same for Rossi a whole back. Serious attempts? What you think? I think not. We had no chance of signing them.

      • `rich g says:


    • My Heart Is White says:

      The reason transfers can take so long is simply these things take time, unless the player has stated that he only wants to come to Spurs, like Jan. But even then it takes time. If you deal with lawyers on a regular basis, you’ll know that legal work takes time, lots of time & quite often they complete everything right at the very last moment.

    • Andrew says:

      I am not a happy man with the way we’ve been going about the transfer seasons, and this one’s no exception. Now we hear Llorente will cost us €36m if we want him except that he wants to play for a Champion’s League side and Juventus is only tabling a €16m bid which is way below the player valuation. We are completely looking in teh wron direction here. It is said Leandro Damaio will also cost us €60m (£47m) if we want him [LOL]. Then we’re looking at M’Vila which I’m not even 60% sure he’s a good Modric replacement, but he’s young and has good potential. Not sure he would give us a better goal to assist average than Modric either, which leaves me to ask this question; just what the heck are we looking for?

      • Justin(SydenhamYid) says:

        Miracles my friend. It’s all we can look for

        • Andrew says:

          Maybe you’re right Justin, but it certainly would hurt if Levy & Co. rewarded their fans with a team that can do better than just scratching and clawing for 4th. I wonder if Alexander Del Piero is willing to play one more year and join the lilywhites?

        • Andrew says:


        • Justin(SydenhamYid) says:

          I’ll play Andrew. Please can I play?
          Of course I’m shit or I would be a footballer but what does that matter. Mate I don’t even think clawing for 4th is a realistic expectation rite now. We’ll see in time though

        • Andrew says:

          Yes, i heard we did bid something in the region of £38m for Aguero, but seriously though, it is either we lost to a bigger bid or bigger player wage package, or even when Aguero and his agents looked at the squad City was putting together, even with a lesser bid he would go to City. It isn’t about the money in all instances because most players know the money will come if your club is serious about contending, and to be a contender, you have to have a 55k seat stadium (at least), be able to attract players who want out of their respective teams with decent wages and it looks like we’re a team not only hoping to enter the CL but even winning it, many (or some)superstars would be interested to come for even less money than normal. At this point, Spurs are not even assured of a 4th place finish and the expectations don’t appear to be set much higher. It is not that we don’t have the money or teh business head, but the mentality is all wrong and the approach is poor.

        • Justin(SydenhamYid) says:

          Mate levy had fucjed up with the berbatoss thing. The fans were screening blue murder. It was desperation to appease the mob. Nothing like a serious bid.

        • Justin(SydenhamYid) says:

          If levy is goin to play hard ball most clubs are gonna sit tight. Matter of business. So we should buy our players first, which puts us in a far stronger position; seems like we don’t need to sell and hey presto. Last min we sell for what we want but we’ve got our players in so we are ok. Or we don’t sell a player but have enhanced the squad. I’m sick of this shit, looking weak to other teams. Berba and Modric are examples. Throw toys out. We need rid team waits till last min. We accept. Players short.

      • Justin(SydenhamYid) says:

        It is being reported that we have accepted 25 mil for ratshit face boy. WTF. Wait and c. Next it’ll be bale and were in the shit.

        • Andrew says:

          I wouldn’t buy that lock, stock and double smoking barrel if I were you Justin. I wouldn’t be shocked if it worked out that Real Madrid had to pay £10m – £15m in player subsidies and incentives over a short period of time. All this behind the scenes, but they PR it as £25m. Even if so, I never thought and still don’t think Luke was worth £35/£40m anyway. He’s a nifty little player with a lot of finesse and a very sharp eye for where players are and how best to get them the ball and when. That said; Spurs have had problems in recent years with scoring goals from teh striker position, and if our center attacking midfielder cannot get us 12-16 goals per season to go along with the expected assists (which he doesn’t do as much as he’s supposed to either). therefore in this regard, I believe he may have a tough time cementing a 1st team spot with his desired REAL. So, if we don’t get at least one top notch striker, we should at least get a goal mongering, skilfull, tactical attacking midfielder. At least with the £25m that we would be getting now, money can be spent on two or 3 decent players before it’s too late. Niang (maybe), M’Vila (em…?), Atsu (why not), Djemba Ba (sure), Sturridge (I suppose so) and Ever Benegan (of course they should). And for goodness sakes, play Gio dos Santos!!!!

        • Justin(SydenhamYid) says:

          Ur probably correct on that score. Levy is a business man and won’t really care if people think he got 25 mil. Just so long as he gets what he wants. He can’t really win tho. We all want rid of Luka and all hav bn saying take the money. If he does he’s condemned for it. That’s the mob for you. I think this whole transfer thing has left most of us unhinged and panic stricken.
          GDS is such a good player. What is it with him? Confidence? Maybe he just Can’t adapt to EPL game. Who knows! It is such a waste. Niang looks like a good prospect. MVilla however appears to be both a bit of an enigma and a nutcase. Not another balotelli please!!

  • AFelching says:


  • rsvp_me says:

    True – covertly were so effective that from the outside looking in the average idiot thinks Levy is still ringing the bell in Wall Street. On the contrary, with AVB their ringing out many changes which our beloved Redsnapps was incapable to see…
    We’re looking more like a team keeping the ball from the back and each player has a script to attack as a team and rotate in spaces left by another – Tiki Taka
    I’m sure RedSnapps thinks this is a curry

    • Harry Hotspur says:


    • Carlos says:

      Lets see shall we,, Arry this and that.. I hope we do well but lots if people supporting Levy and his decision to get rid of HR. well as I said at the time, better they find a suction to our current situation. As its their responsibility to support AVB.

      I ask out of interest, who here feels confident we can achieve top 5? I dont share people’s confidence . Let’s see what happens

      • Clarkspur says:

        More people than not had the same opinion when we drafted in Harry. OK, everyone was happy to see Wendy go, but I for one was expecting hoofball and an 8th placing each season. Harry surprised me by getting the team playing good possesion football with pace.

        That said, Harry also annoyed me by continually having unused subs on the bench whilst players limped around on the pitch half-injured, half dead. By employing bad tactics in games that would have been won if he’d acted during games. And finally by effectively going missing when we were head and shoulders above the scumbag gypsy lot from Woolwich because he thought he was nailed on for the England job.

        Likewise, everyone is thinking AVB will play the highest line known to man, will purposely piss off all the players and then start fist-fights with media at our press conferences.

        Let’s have some faith that one the brightest managerial prospects in the whole of Europe will show us his worth now that he’s at a decent club who get behind their team.

      • UnkleKev says:

        Top five? I still think we’ll make top two.

        • Justin(SydenhamYid) says:

          Mate I’m trying ever so hard to get on your bandwagon. It’s a soothing rumble but my confidence is totally shot to shit.

        • UnkleKev says:

          Ade (or AN Other striker) will sign. If Modric does leave I’ve no doubt we’ll bring in a suitable replacement. We’ve shipped out some dead wood and brought in a couple of very good players.

          Net result, a squad that is better than the one we had last year (a squad that took us to the fringes of the title race) and a far better manager in charge.

          What’s not to be optimistic about?

        • Justin(SydenhamYid) says:

          Ok. You’ve convinced me to travel. But only for a bit.

        • UnkleKev says:

          Plenty of room up top.

        • Frontwheel 2 says:

          Amen uncle,I’m with ya

        • Justin(SydenhamYid) says:

          All aboard the WHL express. COYS

      • Stu Barney says:

        Would you have felt comfortable with Harry still in the mix with no Modric and no Adebayor which is what will happen whoever is in charge?

        At the end of the day, it does not matter a fudge who bosses the side, if you have not got the players you will not achieve anything.

  • Wilboid says:

    We need to take out Nicholas Parsons.

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