The Light At The End Of The ITK Tunnel Is The Front Of An Oncoming Train

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Good evening viewers.

It is my genuine and sincere understanding that Inertia & Impasse are very close. Literally a postcode away.

This then from those that know all wot we don’t. Bless ’em. Let’s kick off with …from Ben via FTL:

Ade more or less now finally done
Should be announced tomorrow latest Tuesday

Told for moment no other strikers being talked to
Despite them saying he was I’ll or injured Lloris pulled out last night as wants to join us ASAP

And additionally which means also from Dragon1 on the same site:

Defoe will be allowed to go

Once we get two forwards in

Has two yrs left on deal so last chance to cash in and really does not fit in to AVB system all that well

Player gets almighty hump when not starting so if we can what we need player wise and our value is met on jd which is north of ten by way he can go

Ade still likely to happen,re damao if you think Levys hard to deal with try dealing with international directors player will 100 per cent come and wages not issue but goalposts change daily ad they have on this deal on and off for the last. 18months

As I’ve said since may our net spend will end up being circa 20- 25 million absolute topshe won’t be sold till our incoming done
Shifting him ain’t the issue we have interest it’s getting our incoming biz done,Defoe happy to go any prem club where’ he’s guaranteed startWe get what we need he is off fact!

He wants to play he’s like a broken record I’m 29 I need to play,he will be behind ade and whatever other forward we sign so third in line for one forward position and in jan won’t be worth what he is now

Player would like to go,we will sell so do maths

My point being? None and I mean none of these schmucks know schnichts. And trust me this is the cream of this seasons very bad crop.

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  • Mr_Spiggott says:

    In the know ? My arse.

    Anyone hanging on their refresh button all summer needs help.

    Spend your transfer windows in the NOW.

    wait for the signing then celebrate.


  • Mitchell Thomas says:

    ITK’s make me wanna smoke crack

  • A_Felching says:

    Minge teasing bastards

  • Harry p says:

    I have….it’s a blast

  • Ronnie Wolman says:

    Nothing from Nothing leaves Nothing
    take away the first nothing you thought of
    and you have Jose taking the piss and everyone other club thinking its Xmas and they can cash in on us

    Meanwhile we sit and wait. Has the clock stuck twelve yet?

    Daniel Levy is either a real putz or he is brilliant…he is probably in between somewhere but closer to….

    • Harry Hotspur says:

      Johnny Ball?

      • Ronnie Wolman says:

        I was hoping he was the profound gardener from Being There but he hasn’t been there so now I think he could be the gardener from Bill and Ben,the ITK flower pot men, as he too was never there.
        But non-presence is definately not the place to be when there is under a week to go in the season.

    • Astro Spur says:

      The Twilight zone, where he will learn from his mistakes and come back to reality ready to spend big?

      • Ronnie Wolman says:

        Balancing the books is such an old idea,isnt it Astro.

        I have a great idea.Lets send Daniel Levy to Greece to be austere

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