Talks Underway …This Should Be The Catalyst

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Good evening.

So what we have here is more fuel to an already unlit fire, some might argue. But Jermain Defoe/and or representatives of said person have been in speaks with Sunderland. Is it done? Who knows? I dread to imagine what figure Levy &Co might have in mind for a very effective penalty box striker but a man that lacks so very much elsewhere in his game.

On paper you’d snap up a Jermain Defoe. Of course you would. He scores goals. But upon even the most casual scrutiny he not only fails to fit the Andrè Villas-Boas template, but he couldn’t regularly sustain a first team place under his all time fan manager.

I won’t be as rude as to dig out Jermain here, as he’s done too many good things for us. But should he ‘hang on in’ then he’s risking the accusation of trading on his ‘He’s a Yiddo’ reputation. Should he move, he’ll get more game time and more goals.

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