Date: 30th September 2012 at 8:59pm
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Evening all.

Paul Jiggins is a man of immensely limited human dimensions. Which is a kind way of saying he probably would be better suited to say, cleaning toilets or peeling potatoes for a living than pretending to be a sports reporter.

Here’s the transcription of a paid journalist making himself look about as informed as a dead sheep or as he called it, ‘interrogating Villas-Boas.’

Mr Ploppy: Andre, can you understand Hugo Lloris’ frustration about the situation because you did pay quite a lot of money for him.
AVB: “What is the frustration?”
Mr Ploppy: Well frustration about not being in the team.
AVB: “How do you know?”
Mr Ploppy: Well he didn’t play last night did he?
AVB: “How do you know he’s frustrated?”
Mr Ploppy: I am asking you, do you find him frustrated?
AVB:“I am asking you what…”
Mr Ploppy: Has he actually come to you and said he’s frustrated?
AVB: “No, he’s not frustrated.”
Mr Ploppy: He’s obviously happy with the situation?
Mr Ploppy: Do you expect to have more talks with him?
AVB: “No we have talks every day, with every player at every training session, that’s the way things work.”

Now that was on the the morning of the 27th of this month after the Carlisle game. Instead of taking a hint, a paid journalist went go one further and make up a tale to support his fantasy [link].

Boss AVB also had a bust-up with technical co-ordinator Tim Sherwood, who is allegedly angry at being frozen out.

Players complained that AVB’s gruelling double training sessions — sometimes staged just 24 hours before a match — left them too tired to perform in matches this season.

And stars have also hit out at their manager’s negative style of football, telling him they would prefer to play a more attacking system. AVB has scrapped the double training sessions after listening to his squad.

But AVB is said to have been left reeling by the mutiny, which reportedly follows bust-ups with some of the club’s old guard behind the scenes.’

As you can see, in this quote free piece Jiggins doesn’t make any mention of the ‘incompetent’ attempt to get the boss to confess to something that wasn’t true. Now, I don’t know about you, but I had a nailed on source, the old ‘insider’ sketch going on, I’d want want to run the article to follow-up an interview with the angle that Villas Boas was in denial. ‘Somebody isn’t telling the truth, here.’

But of course, there was no source. There was no story, just a petulant little toad out for some half cocked trouble making.

Oh yes and told the Guardian:

“That’s all they are – just rumours, that’s all I know about it.

“I’ve got a great job where I am. There ain’t nothing to consider. It’s just speculation. I love what I do. I’m happy at the football club, it’s a great project.”

Jiggins, you’re busted.

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