Date: 19th September 2012 at 8:50am
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Good morning viewers.

Show 6 is upon us, a thing of aural wonder. Sort of.

All of life is here. I had always suspected there was a touch of the Pleats about ODM and but it was still somewhat of a shock to hear his revelation that he discovered Teddy Sheringham. Presumably this was when he wasn’t carving Hattie Jacques’ name into trees.

There’s a post match analysis of our most emphatic, most celebrated win of the season thus far. More positives than Kenny Everett’s last hospital chart. We look at the way the press and pundits have been on an informed campaign to unsettle AndrĂ©s Villla-Boas that appears to all intents and purposes to not have only failed but made all those involved look a bit shabby.

Oh yes, if you like Pink Floyd and you like then there’s a little ditty in there to warm your cockles.