Date: 4th October 2012 at 9:11pm
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Good evening.

Well done,I say. Well done for sabotaging what is all about. Well done for thinking that being on what, £20k, £30k, £40k actually impresses anyone?! Let me my darlings tell you… You no mark schmucks you are loathed. Hated. You wear our bloody shirt and the only time you sweat is when your salary is at threat.

Well done for summoning up the spirit of that preseason in the Republic Of Ireland under . You must recall that one, eh, Tommy? The game against St Pats? The manager of the Radisson that refused you ‘more drink!’ that night as you ran about the hotel younger players thinking you were really cool, the night before the game chasing bottles of wine…?

I’m not happy and I will be ‘having a look.’