Would You Adam & Eve It?

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Good afternoon.

Boy is it quiet out there. Quiet as the grave. Unless you’re Jimmy Savile of course. In which case you probably found yourself shouting,‘What’s all this then?! Goodness gracious!’ as the marker to your fetid, child molesting bones was unceremoniously ripped from the ground above you late last night/early this morning.

But one snippet emerged courtesy of Tom Collomosse in the Standard as he tantalisingly dropped a new name into the mix…

…and AZ Alkmaar midfielder Adam Maher …also thought to be firmly on the radar at White Hart Lane.

Maher’s name has turned up in relation to the Premier League before today. Back in September he was allegedly scouted by Cheatski, Sunderland, Manchester City and Newcastle. Farther afield he has allegedly attracted the interest of Barcelona and AC Milan. This may all smack a little too much of his agent having put a good shift in, but this needn’t detract from his actual talent.

Hailed as the AK Alkmaar wonderkid this 19 year old won the Eredivisie Young Player of the Year award last season, which of course rings a small bell delicately engraved, ‘Jan Vertonghen.’

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