Betting on who will win the Premier League next season

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tottenham v man unitedThe English Premiership is over for another season and for football fans who like to place a bet on the games each week this means they no longer have anything to bet on other than who they think will win next season. Manchester United stormed away with the top spot dropping very few games and showing that they are the best club in the country currently, but as with every season the odds often change in the teams and it is not until they come back after the summer that you see how much it has affected them.

One of these changes that might make fans of Man Utd nervous and other teams fans excited is that news that Alex Ferguson has finally retired and Utd have appointed David Moyes as his replacement. While Moyes is a great manager who has had success in the past managing Man Utd is a job with more than a little pressure and many see Moyes as having the odds stacked against him. It will be a few months before we see if this has hurt the chances of the team at taking the title again but other teams such as Manchester City and of course Spurs will have something to say come August. All of this has made placing a bet on who you think will win even harder than before.

But one thing that has gotten a lot easier is actually finding somewhere to place the bet as there are now many online sites where you can place a bet on any sport you want. You can do this from anywhere too as these sites support mobile devices too. Online betting companies are not the only ones to adopt this, it can be seen across the whole of the gambling industry in the form of online lotteries, bingo and online casinos like who have also developed sites so that you can play online casino games on both your pc and mobile device. In order to attract sports fans they have also made games such as Shoot! a football based slots game which is great fun to play if you are a football fan. Shoot! is a game with a nostalgic and rather humorous twist that football fans will enjoy, however always remember if you are entering a new field of gambling that there’s a massive difference in your odds when playing luck-based slots games as to sports betting.

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  • Brycie says:

    Think that Chavski will push them all the wya this year and Citeh we have made some great signings in the last 18 months but we still have to match the spending power of those 3 if, tbh , we are to complete at winning the title. That other team in N London don’t have enough either i suspect that they will try to put a cup run together in order to salvage their embarassing trophy drought

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