Pochettino Objects to Possible Loan Involving 19-year-old

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Mauricio Pochettino does not want his 19-year-old prospect, Dele Alli, to be loaned out next year.

Tottenham signed Alli in the January transfer window and Pochettino wants him to be on Spurs roster for next year.

However, there are multiple teams interested in loaning Alli from Tottenham. Charleton¬†Athletic, Brentford and Fulham are all reportedly interested in signing Alli as a loan player heading into next year’s campaign.

Pochettino holds the youngster in high regard, believing that he can hold his own in the Premier League right now if called upon. Loaning Alli to another squad would prevent Pochettino from fostering the kid’s development next year in a Spurs outfit.

Despite Alli’s potential, he would need to have a great summer and a fantastic pre-season in order to get playing time next season for Tottenham.

Jumping from League One to the Premier league is a daunting task, especially for a young man such as Alli. However, Pochettino believes he can help round the youngster into form if he is not loaned out next year.

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