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Two words, who’s and yours.

A questionnaire from the Club went out to a good few sites* recently asking, within quite narrow perameters with limited choice and frankly over complicated format. Catagories included fare such as Most Improved Left Handed Player Under Nineteen Years Of Age On March 27th 2009…

Okay, I made that up, but my wish in this blog is for clarity. Just tell me, who do you love?

Why is also good, but my attention threshold goes ’tilt’ (or whatever attention thresholds do when they are exceeded) when attacked by complications.

I’ll get the ball rolling.

My boy’s Gomes.

Why? The media rubber stamped ‘flop’ on his forehead at a time when it wasn’t widely publicised that he had injured himself so badly in a training session he had actually blacked out for someĀ  twelve minutes.

With no credible understudy he carried on.

I have joked that I like my keepers to come direct from the factory with at least one loose screw, but this guy not only fits that bill but beyond – has bravery in admirable spades.

The quality of his work has been dogged by people I have zero respect for all season. Some of his saves would’ve blown their wretched socks off had it been executed by A N Other Goalie.

A few lone voices in the wilderness had the savvy to point to how well thought of this guy was at PSV. That respect was totally justified. My ambition is that the bulk of ‘us’ talk in a similar manner come next Christmas.

The man is damn fine goalie and he deserves both our respect and, dare I say it our love.


*Not this one, it’s rubbish.

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