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Arda Turan is his name. a 23 year old left winger from Turkish side Gaatasaray.  In exchange for €5million and some half cut herbert by the name of Johnny 2 Saints

Permission to shout ‘Hurrah!’ in annoyingly loud voice, Captain Blackadder?

Permission denied. Not sure if I entirely get it this one.

Leave Bentley out the equation for a minute, where does this leave Bale? I know I have frequently fussed that Arry looks at him and thinks, ‘defender’, but is this proof once and for all? Or is he doing a Jol and we’re going to use him as a back up for Gomes?

A long long time ago in a blog far far away, I made the case for depth in the squad but no one took me seriously, least of all the club and all we ended buying was a load of old pony like Rocha, Prince Boatinglake and er, some others that are also soon to be household names in Dagenham.

Anyhoo, it is being muted that we beat Liverpool and Arsenal to the lad’s signature so if that isn’t worth €5 million, tell me what is. Eh? £4.5 million? Christ. Oh well, see you when the fog clears.

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