Date: 4th October 2010 at 8:53am
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I‘m finding it hard to look forward to this next game.

I ought to be salivating. football at The Lane. But a part of me (my brain) is asking if our valiant boys do show up and play as well as they ought to, does this mean they won’t bother against and we throw away even more valuable points?

The problem is that every door you open, misery has already sneaked in first. Players injured. Players out of form. Players not being played, Players on the books that critically over valued and consequently cannot be sold.

So what is to done? A simple answer is that needs to get a grip of these guys and get it quick.

Arry hasn’t looked comfortable let alone Appy in weeks. The only slight spark of life appeared to come when he was asked about the job. Otherwise, there were ‘excuses’ proffered at every stage, otherwise. & Co wouldn’t let him spend. The Tax Man wants to put him away….

Jenas has come out (stoppit) and said he was ready to leave. having marginally more low animal cunning about him is keeping his thoughts to himself and his head beneath the parapet. My take is that these clowns are as out of touch as Imelda Marcos ever was.

I’ve got those Stop Acting The Goat Everyone Blues.