Arry’s £8M Target

Image for Arry’s £8M Target

This has just come in from a source less reliable than my server.

Vedad Ibisevic is the name in the frame. He’s been named on a few sites, of course but my information says that this chap has got Arry looking for more tablets (Although I am assured by ENIC this is no immediate threat to his current or long term health and well being).

The cost of this wunderkind has been bandied about at the €8M mark and of course you can only imagine the reality of aTottingham negotiation.

Here he is smokin’ up the pitch, making Lionel Messi look like a Darlek.

And if you don’t like your power metal awful, you may wish to hit mute now.

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  • Harry Hotspur says:

    This space is reserved for shameless plugging – not sort, Felching – the Ad above for Pick Live is actually a brilliant in game Live Fantasy thing.

    No credit cards, just takes 30 seconds and there’s a free no strings credit for you to have a go with.

    I played it last night during the Liverpool game.

    It’s completely addictive.

  • Simon says:

    he scores penalties !!! omg

  • TMWNN says:

    If it means not signing Adebayor I’m all for it. It’s hard enough having to swallow my pride and watch Gallas play.

    What with the beanpole, pointy and Redknapp, signing Adebayor would make it difficult for me to love the team.

  • TMWNN says:

    * and J***s

    • dutchman says:

      What a load of cr*p tmwnn..the fact that they want to play for us is great, we should just rub thatt in the arse supporters..
      I bet Adebbayor would score too many, which has to make you stop moaning..;-)

  • Nicko says:

    Looks pretty good and we could do with a little freshen up at the top end….although with these Youtube showreels I sometimes think I could make my nan look like a fairly decent holding midfielder with a camcorder, some sticky back platic and a decent Betamax.

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