‘Sold As Seen, Mate’ – Arry Redschnapps

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PSB is officially on the forecourt. In between the Vauxhall Verruca and the Datsun Dilemma.

Arry has announced that a loan is out and they are simply waiting for the best offer to come. Mooted names are the Vancouver Hubcaps, Aston Villa and Colchester United.

The highest bid? That’s cold. Colder than a Cumbrian pensioner. But if this doesn’t reflect how low Keane’s stock has fallen, how distant his glorious era in the Lilywhite shirt now is, nothing else will.

So, Birmingham Away then.

Birmingham have dished up some unedifying stuff this season and the Tottingham of old would have been sorely tempted to wander up to St Andrews, play head tennis for a bit and come home clutching either a point or a letter from their mum explaining it was ‘a bit cold’ or Birmingham are ‘a tough side to break down’.

So let’s hope that we are the ones that are tough to break down and we get into them from the off playing something as close as we can muster to push and run.

Oh and if there’s a penalty, Modders takes it.


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