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” My boss spoke to Harry Friday and although it’s old hat in regards of the press doing the story, I can confirm Scott Parker will definitely sign for Spurs. I think we might let them loan a player or two from us although that has no bearing on the deal. If woodgate gets fit, it might be him that turns up at upton “

This from Ryantegan on Spurs Community – sics galore.

My first thought is that you can take the boy out of West Ham, but you can’t take the West Ham out of the boy. I’m not talking about Parker, I’m referring to Arry.

Why in the name of Cliff Richard is the manager of a club with Champions League status looking to buy players from a club in free – fall? This reminds of when The Toon were relegated and there was a queue of people arguing the merits of  poaching players who in some twisted logic were a good bet individually, but only rubbish when seen as part of the whole Newcastle team.

Scott Parker I am sure is a half good footballer. But why would we want him? He won’t be cheap and he won’t work for free.

West Ham’s situation is similar to Newcastle’s. Chaos in the boardroom and gormless players on the park. The best course of action is if you fancy a dash of Schadenfreud, then watch from a distance.

As for Woodgate going there, I have heard some stupid suggestions in my time but this is Top 5 material.

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  • Fiedor says:

    Woodgate to Wet Spam, do me a favour. And we’ll be signing Messi too.

  • melcyid says:

    when we played the sbindippers the other week I thought sammy lee and hodgson looked like a couple of hammy hamsters. 2-1 to us tonight coys.

  • TrifficSpurs says:

    Slow news day Harry?

    Get some real facts, stop the over elabourate descriptions with words chundered out of a thesaurus and maybe you’ll be a good blogger like Dear Mr Levy.

    Until then, stop this tosh, it clogs up my newsnow!

    • If by newsnow, you mean the secret passage to the 14 yr old boy handcuffed to the bed in your cellar.

    • MysteriousStranger says:


      If you wish to be critical, spell elaborate correctly to help win your argument.

      Also, feel free to consider that DML and HH are different beasts, nobody is imitating here.

      Lastly just read what you fu<king want and stop being such a pr1ck about it. :winke:

  • jolsgonemental says:

    Would be happy with Parker. He is good.

  • Beadle says:

    Harry, got to disagree with you here. Scott Parker is a class act in a team of utter no-marks. And that doesn’t automatically mean he’d be a small stickleback in a larger ornamental water feature at Spurs – he’s the sort of player who grabs a game by the scruff of the neck, tightens a noose around that neck and kicks the wobbly chair out from under the opposition. He’s like Palacios was when he first came to the club, except he also does have a cow’s arse targetting system when it comes to his banjo. He dominates the middle of the park, scores goals (which is more than our forward line can manage) and can pass a bit too.

    Shearer and Le Tissier were both at Southampton, but they could play a bit. Just because he’s currently a hammer, it doesn’t make him a tool.

    • ccc says:

      There is some merit in your comment and it appears Harry has a thing about him and in view of our improvment under Harry i think we should trust him on this matter.I would however like to see a prolific 25 goals a season striker brought to the club and another left back as cover and competition for Ekotto who i think is better than many give credit to.

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