Andy Carroll Looks Like A Bin Man

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I just don’t see it and more to the point, if it did happen it would be a bad thing.

Spurs undoubtedly have a striker problem. Some might say, ‘when haven’t they?’ But Carroll to me simply doesn’t fit the bill. He’s Crounchinho with muscles, Barren Dent with brain. He’s an uberfit Mido. He’s the antiYid.

It’ll be Alan Pardew’s last act as the Toon manager when Carroll is sold, but why oh why are we linked with a guy who excelled in the Championship? We’re on our way now. Let’s please try and swerve players who look like bin men. I mean, look at that Raphael chap, he could model fur coats. The boy just oozes class.

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  • emspurs says:

    I wouldn’t mind having the giant around for a while.
    Silky he isn’t, but certainly an improvement on what we have. The goal he scored against the poo had a certain amount of what you call “class” to it. I’m not gonna run to the shop and buy his shirt, mind.

    Also, why would we want to go in for Rafael. He’s shit for Man Utd and plays right back. We’s already got some. :-p

    • Tedspur says:

      I think he means Van de Vaart mate ;)

    • mash says:

      Agree he scored some classy goals and he would be an upgrade.

      We all rightly moan about the strikers every week and when the chance comes to improve them some go nuts and start talking nonsense like this article.

      Our strikers are the weak link and Carroll would be a massive improvement on the ones we have – he would score where we currently waste. If we want to progress we need to find the money and get the deal done asap.

  • dean hogg says:

    Typical southern idiocy !! You dont have a clue about any player north of watford gap . Caroll is the future england number 9 for a long time , His movement opff the bal;l running of the channels and goal threat make him the hottest property in the league this season . Newcastle wont sell him and spurs would be lucky to have him but you boys will always turn your nose up and try to play down players you clearluy wont get as it lessens the blow when your so called bog club cant get them . Learn a bit more about football outside of white heart lane before passing comments on players especially one such as caroll who is widley recognised by every football pundit to be the real deal .. ;-)

  • baleooooooo says:

    He ment Van Der Vaart you chump!

  • mustard says:

    Nice, couldn’t agree more, we need a proven striker, who has experience at the highest level. Oh an i love the bit about Raffa :)

  • Teddy Wenth-Forklingstone says:

    Missed the boat this morning Harry…
    Carroll after coming straight from the championship is the 3rd top scorer in the prem this year and he plays for Newcastle! He is putting in that many goals from crosses from Gutierrez Routledge and A.Smith Imagine the service this guy would get from Rafa Bale and Mod, he would but in all the chances that the bumbling Pav overhyped Defoe and as much as i love him, not quite top class daddy long legs.

    Otherwise there is no striker that is proven in prem that spurs could realistically get, we need Carroll!

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