‘Becks Knows He’ll Have To Fight For His Place’ – Arry On Becks Signing

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Appy new year? It may well be if you are in the Tottingham Hotspurs Merchandising Dept.

Artful Arry’s slip highlighted it has to said by Matt Butler in the Belfast Telegraph is a corker. Here’s the quote in full. It may be entirely innocent of course.

“He’d have to fight for his place, he’s not going to play every game, he knows — he’d know — that, he’d be a good influence, he’s the type of lad that would be good at your club. He’d give the place a lift.

You need people like that around you. He has been a fantastic player and is someone the players would look up to and respect. He could still do a job for sure, if he is over his injuries and he is as fit as he thinks he is.”

I hear grumbles from some on Sir David’s signing. Chuntering about the ‘Beckham Circus’.

If by this you mean having to suffer an initial day or two of him and – the ironing board with a pair of cupcakes strategically nailed onto it that is – his wife being photographed arriving at The Lane; photographed standing on the grass, photographed ‘joshing’ with Arry …then so what?

The reality is that this guy – love him or hate him – is so good for business it hurts. Overnight we become a global brand. Within days, some kid be he in Knaresborough or be he in Nepal will say to his dad, ‘I want a Spurs shirt with Beckham on.’

As the Spurs go marching in to Europe; to a new stadium and new dawn …I’m just nipping down to the newsagents to put a card in the window. ‘New Recruits Welcome’.

There will be those who want to get embroiled in a debate about where he plays. Who cares? Hack the head off so the crowd can see him and whack him in the Chirpy suit. Get the cad selling bagels on the concourse. But get him in. Stand on me.


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  • Jim says:

    Agreed totally (first). j

    PS First day of the double one: Us 4 Them 1

  • Dutchman says:

    No matter what, he’s definitely some brand! Daniel, get some xtra shirts pressed..;-)

  • King Yid says:

    Wouldnt be totally against this. Certainly good from a financial point of view and would also be good to have on the training ground, particularly with the kids (might give Bostock and Bently the kick up the arse they need).

    Not quite sure where he’d play either, but I’d stick him in the centre of the park next to Modric as a replacement for Huddlestone; albeit a slightly more mobile one! No need to disrupt the fom of either of our wingers by removing one to accomodate Becks.

    The other plus, of course, is that we seem to get plenty of free kicks wthin 25yd or so of goal, but I can’t remember the last tie we scored diect from one. He could be worth an extra two or three goals in the three months he’d e with us just for this alone.

    On a seperate issue, how many ex-Spurs players wil Harry now be up to by bringing Becks back to Spurs?

  • Sid Trotter says:

    I’d like to run the Becks Burger bar at the Lane – plase Dannyboy – extra ketchup but less gristle

  • shauninmallorca says:

    disaster should it happen,,a distraction of mega proportions as the squad oozes togetherness, will to win in a thousand different ways, rotating the mantle of whos the star performer on a twice weekly basis.
    then along comes the circus to town .
    this team is looking forward
    keep it that way

    • Dutchman says:

      Ru serious..?It’s without any doubtthe perfect way of extending the brand..Will absolutely rocket our profile to the stratosphere..That’s what being a succesfull Club is(also) all about..

      • shauninmallorca says:

        brand ,profile,kellogs and cocacola spring to mind, a successful club is one that wins things on a regular basis,simples
        i see becks as an albeit lucrative barrier from doing just this
        also dont buy into the idea that our players need a gold studded new leader
        who can talk the talk but no longer walk the walk

        • Dutchman says:

          Ofcourse winning things is the goal, but new recruits in support definitely fits the bill in becoming an established Big 4 Club mate..time of only fathers passing their Club passion onto their sons is over..;-)

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