Suarez NOT Leaving Ajax Says …Suarez

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Some Spurs fans appear to have developed an almost mystical belief that Luis Suarez is on his way.

I was confused enough when some  suggested (when Martin Jol was yet to be found out still in charge at Ajax) that ‘because he  secretly loved us still’ he’d some how slip us Suarez while no one was looking… :blink:

As the transfer window hots up (yes, I’m reading this off a card) these quotes to NU Sport a Dutch site yesterday kindda indicate that the player is not going anywhere.

“There are many stories written in the Netherlands.  I have only one interview and it never said I want to leave. There are many clubs mentioned but I know nothing. “

“I hope to be a champion with this club . I would now give anything for the team.”

Obviously people are allowed to change their minds. I changed my mind once and the bitch is still desperately bitter about it.

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  • Azzabrows says:

    Firsty, and to tell the truth I honestly thought Jol was going to slip us a Suarez in brown paper. I mean come on, he must still have the keys to the training grounds over there or something?

  • Azzabrows says:

    Seriously, watch this video and tell me that this man doesn’t love us enough anymore to be the godfather of all our children. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TmqffYu29ic
    He’s nearly in tears talking about PSB, I don’t think a single one of us has that kind of commitment to ol’ pointy anymore.

  • Jerard says:

    Would love for Suarez to play for us…quality striker…

    My Ideal team though with what we have is:






    That side will give the current Barcelona team a hiding…

    Thoughts Guys???

    • JOEY says:

      thats a beast i really like it!!!!

    • MedwayMan says:

      King’s knee wouldn’t stand him playing in front of the back four, we don’t yet know how good Woodgate will be on his return, any winger can turn inside Kaboul and go past him as frequently happened when he played there last year, Defoe doesn’t score against the top teams and rarely away from home.

      So Barcelona would win with your line up I’m afraid.

      • Jerard says:

        Being a party pooper there MedwayMan. Kaboul won’t need to worry about the winger, coz he will be marking Lennon, King will be glued up and handle the DM spot with ease, Woody is a class act so he definitely will protect better than Dawson and Defoe is always a threat, even if he doesn’t score…so i still feel we can have Barcelona for lunch with that line up…To Dare is to Do…The glass is always half full…COYS

    • DaveYid says:

      Seeing as Kaboul is naturally a midfielder, I’d put him in King’s place and put King where Woodgate is seeing as Woody hasn’t appeared yet for us and is considered doubtful.

      Shove Hutton or Charlie on the right.

      Get Bale and Lennon slightly inwards for easier passing to Mod/VDV and we got a great team with creative tactics :)


  • gdfgfg says:

    Another Harry C*nt Hotspur trying to get people to read his blog.

    Low life c*nt!

    • Jerard says:

      gdfgfg is a Bitter Gooner who almost got well done like eggs by Championship fodder at that debt filled ground of theirs…go crawl up somebody’s arse, will u…

      • Harry Hotspur says:

        ‘gdfgfg’ is and Road Runner HoldCo LLC have just received an uncensored version of that charming little outburst.

        Try reading your ISP’s T&C’s of usage before posting, sweetheart :winke:

        • Jerard says:

          You go Harry…seems like just u and I awake this part of the morning….Guess what guys? Im in Durban, South Africa and i’m so looking forward to today…we having a cricket match at on of the World Cup Soccer stadium’s…first time ever i think…Im gonna miss our FA Cup game…but they not showing it live here…cant wait for the cricket though SA vs India

        • TMWNN says:

          ‘gdfgfg’s IP address is in LA – Beckham? Maybe he took offense at me calling him olden balls or his missus a miserable runt.

          Jerard, I don’t think you’ll be alone in missing the game, I’ve had a good search and can’t find the game anywhere.

          We’ll need a right proper write up c/w ratings from someone who’s going today.

    • Chris says:


  • hk_yid says:

    this article is horribly written, yet again… boredom

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