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Morning my dears. Nothing shy of a sensational evening. I can hardly express how happy it makes me watching us play like that.

Upstairs for thinking, downstairs for dancing. Our mindset was spot on. Our shape and concentration was immense. we kept possession and mopped up the losses of the same. We moved the ball like Champions. This was one one of those rare, rare games that will bench-mark Spurs performances for a generation

The Milanese rain turned out to be holy water absolving Gomes of all previous sins.  He made two extraordinary saves and looked every bit a world class goalie.

Make no mistake this composed Tottenham side beat a formidable European giant in their own back yard and in manner that you would have barely known we were the away side. Look, even naffin’ Ray Wilkins was cooing.

Here’s some player ratings.

Gomes – 9.13 – A pair of breathtaking saves.

Charlie – 8 – Flamini wants arresting for that tackle.

Gallas – 8.96 – Champions League class.

Woody – 8 – Sent a bit of shiver down the spine to see him again.

Sir Les – 9 – No hoofs, no wild headers – looked confident.

A&E – 7.99 – Sound as a pound, thank the Lord.

Azza Blud – 9. 24– The wing heeled winger worked very hard.

Sandra – 9.25 – His best game in the shirt yet – a mature, elegant game.

Sarge – 9.24 – Robust and unrelenting.

Peanut – 8.99 – His best game in the shirt yet n’all.

Modders – 8 – Can’t believe his stitches held.

Krankie – 8Cool calm and Croation. Some bench we have, eh?

VdV – 9.27 – I’m scared how we’d be without him – he was pivotal.

3MP – 9.26 – When he actually gets to play football, he’s a devil.

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  • Dubai Yid says:

    Agree 100%, pissing me off how many papers are reporting on how poor Milan are at the moment and not giving us the praise we deserve, the same so called football experts who weren’t giving us a prayer after Milan beat Roma 4-1 at the weekend. We were exceptional last night. I’m 28 and maybe except Ginola, Luka Modric is the best player i’ve seen in a Spurs shirt..Don’t get me wrong VdV and Bale are fantastic impact players but Modric is outstanding. Anyone know if Souness was born within the crow of the cockerel?!? Definitely a secret Yid! COYS!!!

    • SimonPWise says:

      Modric is bloody good… but you’d need spare underwear if you had seen Hoddle and Gazza.

      That result is surreal. Pinch me.

    • dancingbarber says:

      Souness , or Sourness, as he is usually known, is Scottish and despite the hard man image was not able to cope with living in London, so he went to Liverpool…………why we wonder.

  • matt says:

    Been waiting 42 years for that.

  • Fatfish says:

    Direct from Gazzetto Dello Sport website.

    Scaling the defensive wall put up by Palacios and Sandro was a challenge in itself; when they did, marshal Dawson and his wily sidekick Gallas were on hand to beat away everything thrown at them – they may not be blessed with pace but they proved impenetrable. The Rossoneri didn’t help their own cause. Seedorf was sluggish and completely ineffectual against Her Majesty’s army.

    Read their full report here.

  • bob says:

    Amazing stuff last night. Highlights IMO;

    1)Modder’s ball to Lennon to set him away. You knew we had a good chance of a goal as it slipped into Azza’s path

    2) The return of Woody, actually looking like Jesus

    3) Despite his two saves I was most proud of Doc Ock when he took a really tough catch over I think ibrahimobitch’s noggin and followed it up with the now ubiquitous comedy grimace

    4) Don’t get me wrong Gattuso should be awarded cnut of the year for his antics last night, but his later description of his continuing row with (the inspiration behind the thick of it’s Malcolm Tucker) Joe Jordan, as “we were speaking in Scottish” got the old giggles going for me.

  • harryabbots says:

    The Sky commentary team was full of yids in disguise. Andy Gray – cheerio, Ray Wilkins – welcome. All very balanced and even Spurs biased. It’s as if we’re a top 4 club…. ;-)

    • Harry Hotspur says:

      Bewlidering stuff. Listening to Keys & Gray on the and Keys is impressed by us.

      Gray of course is still whining on about it’s only half time.

      What’s great is a I can’t see his balloon face and it’s paranoid flavoured bias on the radio :-D

    • Astromesmo says:

      Loved hearing ‘The Crab’ waxing lyrical like a Tango ad about us last night… Long may he occupy the punditry chair.

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