Pav & Arshavin Would Work [video evidence]

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Woodys out! Not the war cry of a receptionist at a military themed bordello, but a player injury update.

Difficult to feel much about this anymore. THFC are adamant that he’s not finished. I wish I shared their blind optimism. I’d love to know what they base this on. I hope he returns. I also hope to one day own a fleet of Rollers.

Anyway, not much else about today but as a fully paid up of the Super Roman Cravypavinchenko Fan Club it would be remiss of me not to share this. It was more of a dog to find than footage of Woody in this season’s shirt.

So I raise the question – if Arshavin was to become surplus to requirement would you consent to his signature at The Lane? My take is this: Yes under Jose or A. N. Other foreign coach, but under Arry there would be no spark and he’d be worse for us than he has been for them.

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  • Wearefukednowarry says:

    woodys out but what about bale & Azza :shocked: As long as we flog wigan 9-1 again :whistle: LAST :winke:

  • Davspurs says:

    This just shows you if you play the right ball for a strikers to run onto the will score . The bad news about Woody is tempered by the great news of our quarter back Big ThunderHudds returning from his well earned sabbatical. And judging by his 25 yard strike against Barnet Basher’s he has still got a good shot in his reconstructed missile launcher. COBT.

    • sniftywoof says:

      problem is now tugboat has scored he wont score for another 50 plus shots (year and a half)sell him give Harry Kane a try

  • forhodssake says:

    No thanks to arshavin – capable of great skill but not consistent, dodgy attitude and absolutely no loyalty.

    Crazypav didnt look very happy to have scored did he?

  • UnkleKev says:

    If we want to play the ‘one-up-front’ game then Pavlyuchenko is the best equipped of all our strikers to pull it off. He works his socks off when he plays (a fact which goes unnoticed by many) and he’s far more of a team player than either Defoe or van der Vaart. I’d stick him on his own up front with a midfield quintet of Huddlestone, Sandro, Modric, Bale and Lennon and let him get on with it. Then again, I’d happily stick Sandra up front if that lot were behind her.

  • 39 39 39 says:

    Bookends! sign him up :heart:

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