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Good evening fight fans.

Sweet Surrender Sundae or something they’re calling it. To quote Derek Jameson, do they mean us? Let’s hope not, eh?

With so much guano flying around the place it doesn’t take the mind of the world’s greatest analyst to work out that what we are looking for is a performance that signifies shame for previously dropped points and an array of knowing looks, man hugs and body language that sends us all off feeling confident.

About something.


Just don’t leave us dwelling upon a bad, bad fantasy whereby we’re being sexually interfered with by a functional alcoholic with a Scottish accent and a cheque book.


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  • melcyid says:

    time for the protective ankle guards v brummies

    • Sandro redknapp says:

      Wouldnt be a great shame to knock these lot out the league… Save a wembly defeat of le arse they have not brought much to the table in comparison with say blackpool. Going on our current form versus the basement boys we could be in for a flaccid end to the season

  • Sandro redknapp says:

    Woodys last game??? Xx

  • Chinup says:

    I only pop in to see how much balls is behind the posts. Is all doom doom doom!
    We have a great side and just need a Goalscorer.
    Who gives a fook who’s coming or going, simple fact is we are at where we at.
    All this shite bout sell him buy that, sack him get that cannot detract from the fact that our best players are going nowhere.

    So please Dr Strangelove start posting relevance and not media tampon’s!

    • Nicktheyid says:

      Stuck up c!nts ?

    • Harry Hotspur says:

      Mr Chinup,

      Happy clappers are as welcome as anyone else but don’t bother people by telling them what to feel and write. There’s a love.

      • Chinup says:

        Sorry but I am of the ilk for truth, never believe what ya read. Is a great blog but its very rare your on the money.
        We all on the same side and all I care bout is the Spurs go marching on!

  • Nicktheyid says:

    They deserve to go down. Since what was a very fortunate( but wholly entertaining)result in the C Cup they have been dreadful.they surely have been worse to watch than blackpool? Should be brum, Wigan to go

    • frontwheel says:

      Don’t agree,i would love to see Blackpool drop,Holloway has really got on my tits with his constant wallowing in self pity and paranoia and not to mention dirty,sneaky Adams.Fuck em!

  • seppoyiddo says:

    With Rafa doubtful, it’d be nice to see Luka take his place in a 4-5-1 with Pav. Hope Thudd is fit to play along side Sandro. COYS – finish above the Poo!

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