The Rift Between Arry & Levy

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This oncoming transfer window is giving every impression that it’s going to be a remake of The Longest Day.

As per my earlier piece we’re in for perhaps more speculation than most sides. A front line that a house clearance company wouldn’t take away and suitors for their positions will certainly arrive by chartered coach.

Bale to…? Modders to…?

But that’s much duller than the undercurrent of rumour relating to our tight lipped ashen faced supremo and Levy & Co. This chitter chatterhas been doing the rounds for a good few weeks and I thought I’d threaten my Dairylea server with the subject a while. My questions are –  what’s up, if anything and is it believable?

Giving some chronological order to matters unless anyone out there has ‘fresher meat’ the last public comment we got was in the closing days of the last window when Citizen Redschnapps was giving us Larry Large out of his car window with that ‘The chairman wants to spend’ schtick.

So now we are supposed to swallow the tale that Levy & Co are suddenly revealed (‘At long last!’ cry the Communists in the cheap seats) as the purely money grabbing agents of ENIC: the football Death Star – we knew them to be all along.

Question to the tree hugging Customer Reference Number in the front row: How long have ENIC & Levy been at this THFC long firm lark now and when are you ever going to wind it in?

Every season this hairbrained conspiracy theory that Levy is a bagman man for the ENIC mob emerges. It’s laughable. There sadly appears to be a decent raft of fans out there who are prepared to operate very selectively when it comes to facts. Which to embrace, which to twist or worse still absolutely ignore.

So is there a rift or not? Ha. I speculate that there is. Arry hummed, Haaah’d and fecked about in the last window. We know this as he banked upon our existing strikers coming good. They did not. The epitaph to this fantasy that didn’t pan out was 3MP’s own goal. Nail, might I introduce coffin?

Levy I imagine, is rightly furious with Arry. There’s been some mismanagement at the highest level. It’s his job to select the team and with no Director Of Football on the manor it’s his job to assimilate all the scouting info and select targets.

I called Benzema based upon good info. It didn’t happen and ordinarily you never hear why. When you’ve stuck your neck out like I did, you care even less. But Benzema was very much in place. But for a move, not a loan. Arry hesistated I am told. He believed that ‘his boys’ would come good.

So Levy’s a saint and Arry’s the devil? Didn’t know that H -Thanks for clearing that one up. Case closed. Nothing to see here. Go back to your homes. Of course not.  Levy must frustrate Arry at every turn. Wanna flog a right back to a geezer in a motor who’s as safe as houses who’s in a right two and eight? The response of Portsmouth’s director probably translated as, ‘This is very exciting, isn’t it!’ Anyone want to defend that schmuck might wish to take a crash course in ‘Doing Sums’.

The wage cap based upon how much we earn as a business is a dog. I wouldn’t have the self control. Few amongst you would. I say this as few actual real life football club directors bother to pay it much attention.

The wage cap is a muzzle. We know that. But it’s down to Arry to manage. Every business has it’s restraints. Which leads me neatly on to… where has all this rift talk come from?

Well, one of the parties concerned can’t go to buy a paper without phoning talk SPORT. The other one has steered a football club away from obvious and irressistable perils for some time now.


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  • perrymann says:

    Am i first

  • JIM says:

    pure speculation, nothing to see here …..

  • Harry - the real one says:

    The Benzema deal didn’t happen for one very simple reason, Higuin got himself a long term bakc injury that needed surgury which if RM had sold Benzema would have left them with one forward.

    Still let’s not let facts get in the way of good yarn.

  • jerkinmahjurgen says:

    ”There sadly appears to be a decent raft of fans out there who are prepared to operate very selectively when it comes to facts. Which to embrace, which to twist or worse still absolutely ignore”
    Been on Vital Spurs, have we?

  • forhodssake says:

    I’d fall out with Harry if I was his boss.

    First thing I’d be saying to him is to get off the fucking phone to his mates all day (or out of the TV studio) and get on with some work.

    The problem is with Harry is that there is such a constant barrage of drivel, most of it self contradictory, that you cant see the wood for the trees.

    Oh for the simplicity of a manager who says what he needs to (but no more), concentrates on his job, and is interested in the best for the club, not just number 1.

    Would it surprise anyone if you were told that they had argued because Harry wanted to finish 6th, missing out on Europa (and thereby giving Harry a longer holiday, more time for TV work etc) and Levy told him to make 5th place or else (because the sponsorship deals depend on it?)

    • jerkinmahjurgen says:

      Harry’s just about back in my good books due to, let’s face it, an historical win at Anfield. But I agree with your opening line – like him or not, I’d be pulling him up on a few things… If Levy is, I doubt Harry is the easiest to get a good response from. My guess is he’s a little stubborn as well as being an experienced professional in the game.

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