Date: 19th May 2011 at 11:03am
Written by:


This window was never going to be dull. How could it be? Despite the calls for to be ceremonally opened up and various still beating innards taken by fast horse to the four corners of the Bell & Hare’s beer garden – are ripe for plundering.

Outside of the popular hate figures Modders & The Boy were always going to attract unwanted attention. It was nailed on.

We first began picking up snippets, hints and allegations that Yanited were skulking about as Bales’ stock during our campaign. Then as if to calm our nerves once he became injured those tales ebbed away. But then came the mumbles that was one they really wanted.

There’s a chap on Community who’s boss it is believed knows Arry. The killer quote was, “Guys, just had a bombshell dropped on my head. In Harrys opinion, is off!

From what Harry said, Man Utd and Chelsea are in talks with us and we are inviting the talks. This also backs up the rift stories. Harry said that will always listen to see if the money is right.

Gutted! Anyways, can’t back up the Parker in woodford story, but if we want him then he’s ours. Last night Harry wasn’t in Dublin. He was in Lille watching hazard and gervihno. Hazard for modric? Sorry again guys I just hope holds out…”

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