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We done ’em.

But to listen to some of the natives we actually lost 1-2 and were relegated ourselves. I have listened to Arry and I have listened to the voices of discontent. I am one of those voices, to an extent. No sentient being likes being called an idiot. And as I hopefully made the point in my Gerald Ratner piece, Arry is sailing naffin’ close to the wind here.

He lacks many things but good grace¬† has now emerged as something he wouldn’t recognise if it painted itself pink, leaped out of a birthday cake and singing ‘Good Grace Is Here Again’ to a full orchestral accompaniment. Clearly the hostile nature of The Lane is getting to him. Well if you can’t stand the heat…

And such is the advice I’d also give to those demanding his dismissal. Okay, he’s biting the hand that feeds, I get that. But so what? The man’s clearly a fool but if there’s a hanging to be had let’s hang him on his achievements or lack of them as a manager. Not on his inability to cope with being asked pretty straightforward questions by a bloke with a microphone.

I’m more concerned with his ability to put right the wrongs of the last window and sort out a goalie – if all faith in Gomes is lost, – a striker to partner Pav, and another defender to acknowledge that Woody is a gonner and Ledders is nothing more than an occasional treat.

The bottom line is that we have European football and I think some have lost sight of what that means. We mustn’t allow ourselves to degenerate into becoming part of those disagreeable Droogs¬† that seem incapable of humor, of joy.

These Droogs, these low brow beasts expect us to win every game and for no one to ever make a mistake. Sure, when I see Jermaine J**** has been telling some poor hack that he’s determined to push on for a fourth place finish my first urge is remove his larynx with gardening trowel, but I don’t call time on my support for the whole shebang.

There is a expediency these days in football that would make the be-headings during the French Revolution appear considered. Carlo Ancelotti has been binned or binned by mutual consent at Second Hand Fridge. This is nothing shy of insane.

Clearly an intelligent man. A winner as both a player and as a manager. He oversaw a Cheatski side that had their number one goalscorer out with Malaria and their 20 goals a season midfield supremo out with injury and still finished second. The verdict? Not good enough, ‘Miss Jones might you be so kind as to send the next candidate in, thank you so much.’

No Champions League football is a disappointment but hardly plunges us into raging sea of ‘can’t cope without you’. Does it? Does it really? The positives of Arry’s reign appear to some to have been eclipsed by not only his daft comments but by his mistakes. Have they really?

Arry’s backed wrong horses. If any of you venture into a bookmakers, you will notice that most customers after placing their bets have no need to make a return trip to the counter to collect. Whilst we would expect him to have a higher success rate than your average punter, the point I make is that everybody makes mistakes.

Football management is no different to any other discipline and the fewer you make, the better you do.

Defoe has been a complete flop. 3 MP has been as useful as a puncture in a life-jacket. Yes I am aware of him single handed scoring that goal wot got us into the Champions League but I am equally aware of the other one he scored that confirmed we were out of it.

Arry has made mistakes, but getting to the quarter finals of the Champions League, a booking for another, if less glamorous European tour, if compounded by retaining the services of the Boy Bale and Modders cannot be judged as a disgrace.

Yes he needs to pull his finger out and buy in chaps for where we are light, yes he needs to wake up and realise that out of our existing strikers Pav is the only one worth retaining.

Arry has limited skill sets. He can’t communicate well with ‘non nationals’. Is telling Pav to run about a bit actually all that funny when you discover that it’s true? Trust me, he’s replace Modders with Scott Parker if he could get away with it. ‘Well at least you can talk to ‘im’ would be the line.

Instead of calling us idiots, he’d do well to listen before opening that seeping East End drain of a gob of his. Remember when he was about to bring Ghally on and suddenly thought better of it? Try a bit more of that Arold my old china. Crouch was verbally abused (I suspect he probably prefers a more hands on, mildly lubed approach) yesterday by a Client Reference number. Twice.

Pav scored a pair of Champions League quality goals and when he’s in the ground we sing his name.

Look, I’ve got to make some lunch. But what I’m saying is, the abuse on both sides is partly justified but let’s not lose sight of what we’ve got here and where we’re heading. And remember what a great man once said…

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  • AFelching says:

    Do you think we should finish above Manu, Chelsea, Arsenal or Citeh? he said, be gone vile man you a not worthy

    • jim says:

      so you think we should be above those 4 then?? My god, you people are just unbelievable. We all love tottenham but surely you can see without those rose tinted specs? surely you can be realistic and remove your head from you dellusional arse cant you ??
      Harry is spot on, idiots everywhere.

      • floopy joe says:

        A bad tradesman always blames his tools

      • A_Felching says:

        If he is unable to compete he should sell the players that can, so as not to wasye their time aswell as ours

      • Stupot says:

        Was Harry not telling us at the start of the season that we should be competing for the title? My calculations say that winning the title would put us above those 4.

      • eastanglianspur says:

        You’re the plonker with rose tinted specs, and you must have had ’em on full time whilst we were drawing and losing to relegation fodder for most of the season.

        Where do all these geniuses without any memory banks come from?

      • cyril says:

        how can we compete with city? asked ‘arry
        answer is rather simple, forget city and beat blackpool and west hame twice each and guess what, we are third in the table and in the champions league and arsenal are in the europa league. very simple arry. ok so you cannot spend 35 – 40 mill on a player. dont need to me old mucker, you’ve got a couple on your books who are wrth that

      • frontwheel says:

        Jim you are a total tool,read Deano’s statistics below

  • Deano says:

    This is why I’m annoyed at our esteemed manager……


    Tottenham v:
    Wolves H) 3 A) 1
    Birmingham H) 3 A) 1
    Blackpool H) 1 A) 0
    Wigan H) 0 A) 1
    West Ham H) 1 A) 0
    Total: 11

    Arsenal v:
    Wolves H) 3 A) 3
    Birmingham H) 3 A) 3
    Blackpool H) 3 A) 3
    Wigan H) 3 A) 1
    West Ham H) 3 A) 3
    Total: 28

    Its not rocket science and I dont think this makes me an idiot Harry!!!

    • SportingBilly says:

      Deano’s got it right. Spurs pssed it away this season. We over-prioritised the Champions League when re-qualifying was the real priority. We turned up assuming we could beat West Ham, Blackpool, Wigan when we needed to play well. We didn’t sign a striker in the Summer/January and didn’t play our best striker enough. And what’s more, if we’d have made top 4 it would have been at Arsenal’s expense.

      Agreed it’s not easy to see who is available to replace Harry and better but I don’t want to be told I’m an idiot for believing that we have the players that should have made the top 4 again.

      The problem with Harry is that he’s really, really stubborn and he’s frightened of anything he doesn’t know really, really well (Taarabt, Pav, Bale).

      • Deano says:

        Thanks Sporting Billy.
        You thoughts are identical to mine.

      • astromesmo says:

        How exactly can you ‘over prioritise’ the Champions League???

        What would you have said in your divine wisdom of hindsight if he’d played Danny Rose, Krankie, Thownsend & Parret against Real Madrid… Just to ‘save the legs’ for the league games?

        Sweetmotherofgod. I think I’ve moved to a parallel dimension.

        • Deano says:

          Agree that the CL can’t be over prioritised.
          No point getting into it if you arent going to take it seriously.

  • hk_yid says:

    Surprisingly optimistic article (with which i agree), coming from the same guy that said, “We’re going to lose” to Chelsea before the game even started.

    • Harry Hotspur says:

      This is called free will.

      If you want a blog by a lobotomised chimp who drums the same beat every page I can supply you with several urls.

      • bruce castle says:

        what have you got against lobotomised chimps? I am fine with them if they win player of the year awards and score hat-tricks in Europe!

  • toddspur says:

    total over reaction IMO; anyone wanting Arry is not piecing the jigsaw together

    I asked this question two/three blogs ago and still await a sensible answer;

    who would replace Arry?

    Be sensible when answering….I cant think of a single manager better than what we’ve got when you factor is whose available and who would want to come to WHL

    Maybe if he offers an apology for saying the really offensive word ‘idiot’ we can get on with life as a Spurs fan….which is a good place to be right now

    • Deano says:

      It is a good place to be and I completely agree that choices for a replacement are as hard to find as rocking horse poo BUT do you not think this year was a great chance to cement a top 4 spot???

      • toddspur says:

        oh indeed I do Deano and I know Arry has made mistakes…January trannie window for a start; Arry calling phone in testerone filled fans idiots BUT and its a big-gun; every manager every season makes mistakes. Alex Macleish made a lot more than Arry……get my drift

        What also pisses me off is those calling for his head forget Milan, Liverpool away etc…..they also think hes tactically inept….based on telling Pav to ‘run around a bit’

        Sick of it to be honest

        • Deano says:

          Ive never called a phone in during my lifetime and never will as, like you say, you are usually testosterone fuelled, irrational and then trying to get Stan Collymore to shut up for two seconds whilst you speak. I am almost shouting against most of the Spurs fans whinges than with them.
          However “getting your drift” would be easier if you werent comparing Harry and his selection of multi millionaire footballers who are all internationals and apparently near enough the cream of the crop, to the muppets at Birmingham and Alex McLeish.
          I just dont like being told how good it is now and comparing it back to 3 years ago.
          We are a differnet club now and I completely agree that next year will be a lot tougher to get 4th.
          I just think we missed a trick for it this year and Im afraid as always, no matter how bad the players were, the buck stops at the manager.

        • SportingBilly says:

          I loved the away wins at Liverpool, Arsenal. BUT 3 points away to Arsenal is worth the same as 3 points at home to West Ham, Wigan and Blackpool. We got two points from those three games. It’s simply not good enough and those two draws and a defeat will live with me just as long as the win at Arsenal will particularly as that would have been the difference between a top 4 spot and not.

    • hk_yid says:

      that’s the most important question. the only better replacements would either cost an arm and a leg or simply wouldn’t be interested. as spurs fans we scrutinize every detail (which is fair) but managers do make mistakes, as do players. this season has been more of a challenge than last and i’m sure we’ll take some lessons from the busy schedule we’ve had into next season. in fact, the europa league should give us a nice bit of experience with squad rotation before we break into the top four once more next season. that’s the one thing that ‘arry must add to his portfolio – the confidence and trust to use the whole squad, thus avoiding injuries, holding onto talents like kranjcar and giving the kids a chance to prove themselves.

    • Spurfect says:


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