Date: 26th May 2011 at 8:21am
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Ever woken up in a booze induced fog and thought, ‘what the feck did I do last night?’

Well on the day that we discover that Jermain has pulled out of Squad (unusual name for a dolly bird, must be Eastern European) it has has also been revealed that team mate pulled off a daring tom foolery switch on an unwitting nightclub waiter.

’s Gordon Smart, Showbiz Editor, reports that Charlie was in London’s Whiskey Mist night club when he left an unnamed waiter bewildered when he instigated the swapping of the two mens wristwatches.

Chas gave the waiter his £36k diamond encrusted Hublot and the waiter gave Chas his Seiko. A staggering exchange of ‘a cow for some beans’ proportions.

At least it wasn’t a pearl necklace.

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