Prospective £15M Plinth Purchase = Fresh Meat For Baying Arry Haters

Image for Prospective £15M Plinth Purchase = Fresh Meat For Baying Arry Haters

I’m not an Arry out merchant. I’m not. Really I’m not.

But does this Tubby Isaac’s worshiping moron have any hint of ambition other than turning us into Tottingham WestAmSpur? Roger Johnson? Roger bleedin’ Johnson in a Spurs shirt? I rather we opted for a Free Myra Hindley campaign logo as next seasons shirt sponsor.

“He’s a fantastic player, he leads by example.” Redknapp said in The Sun.

Roger Johnson I only know as a guest on Goals on Sunday. A more surly, brain damaged hoofer I have never seen beyond your average Yates Wine Lodge doorman.

Wrong answer Arry. Wrong answer. If you are sincere in your desire to challenge again for Champions League then try looking slightly higher up the food chain. Even passing comment on players like this is embarrassing. He’s not fantastic. Grow a brain.


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  • moosetheyid says:

    Quote from old Twitchy in the papers today about Messi

    “He has funny little legs that move awkwardly when he runs and if he turned up at your club as a 16-year-old, you’d send him away with a pat on the head and tell him he’d no chance of making it.

    Yes Harry, I’m sure you would have done…that’s the problem :hae:

  • toby says:

    your continued harassment of Harry has become embarrassing.

    ‘Grow a brain” you say. Kettle / Pot.

  • Lav says:

    We have been linked to over 60 different players already. I personally am just going to wait until something materialized until getting stressed over all these rumours.

    Although I am very concerned with any links to centre midfielders. That is our strongest area and players like Parker and Adam regardless of their quality will not push out Sandro and Huddlestone.

  • Sid Trotter says:

    I think Mr Johnson wouuld be good but only if he was in Miami wearing sneakers, shades and a lilac shirt and had a converticle corvette and a police issued colt 44

  • Tony says:

    “Higher up the food chain” is not the point. Chelsea got Anelka from Bolton. Man U got Valencia from Wigan. City got Adam Johnson from Middlesbrough. Defensively we got Dawson from Forest, and Man U got Smalling from Fulham. City got Hart from Shrewbury. The main point is that we do not need a centre back – we are well covered. Yes we do need to think about long term replacements for King & Woody, but perhaps that it a task for 2012.

    • Harry Hotspur says:

      Anelka was never just ‘from Bolton’. City, Arsenal jeez, a heap of clubs…

      The task of replacing Woody & King is immediate. In fact it’s overdue.

      Gomes is doomed playing in front of a revolving door back four. Van der Sar isn’t a magnificent keeper – but he does bask in a triffic back four both Internationally and domestically.

      Higher up the food chain is entirely the point. Buy cheap, buy twice.

      Why the hell are we going through dustbins looking at relegation fodder?

      Jesus wept.

      • toddspur says:

        actually I do think we need a good keeper but none spring to mind (especially who are available and are better than cuddlychino’s….and Robert Green aint it)

        I dont want any spam rejects at my club including scott parker

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