Date: 10th May 2011 at 6:24am
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Good morning.

Interesting interview on with a chap we signed a while back who is now playing football in La Liga for Racing Santander. It’s mostly the usual Jermaine J**** ‘pushing on’ spiel but what grates more is his rewriting of his time at The Lane.

fans embrace rather than suffer from the Messiah complex whereby we’re always on the lookout for the chosen one who’ll lead us into the promised land. We kid ourselves it’s about glory in it’s purest form it make Opus  Dei look like the Girl Guides. Soiled Campbell, The … to a lesser extent Bring Out The Bostock, Broadmoor and Idle Teerrabpptt.

Giovanni Dos Santos’ arrival at Spurs had a whole rake of Yids acting like lovestruck schoolboys. You only had to look online and watch the advancing tide of new usernames lapping over the forums and message boards. I recall him in some preseason matches – was it against Norwich? He looked every bit the part.

Sadly he never reproduced anything close to what was expected, hoped for. So what happened? Salacious gossip ran that he was a booze-hound. I initially didn’t buy that. He looks about 15. But what does a drinker look like? They don’t have to be Gary Oldman, Keith Moon or Olly Reed.

The that picture was released. We’d seen several snaps of Ledders after 28 pints of dental anesthetic, but the image of Giovanni collapsing downwards arse first whilst ‘aides’ tried to keep him vertical sealed his fate and the calls for him to play evapourated.

You must be relieved to be playing regular football, after enduring a difficult period at Tottenham.
I went through two very tough years, during which I barely played. I just wasn’t given a chance. The situation wasn’t ideal either, because when I signed was in charge and I was quite regularly involved. Then he got sacked and Harry came in, and I’ve not been part of his plans.

Did you have any personal problems with the manager?
Not at all. I trained hard and gave 100 per cent during the week because I wanted to convince him to give me more playing time, but at the end of the day it’s his decision and it didn’t go my way.

Maybe he’s errr… back on his feet again. In which case, needs to recall him.