Date:24th May 2011 at 3:33pm
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So was Bill Nick wrong or has the Champions League devalued the  second tier tournament that is the Europa?

I’ve been pondering this issue as I firmly believe that a good few Yids have not only been angered by the whole ‘IdiotGate I & II’ business, but the shortchanged feeling that the absence of Champions League football has filled their hearts.

One minute they were trading bragging rights blows with the big boys, the next they’re back in their box and facing the wrong end of an 18 game tournament usually haunted by the likes of Fulham and now the illustrious Blackpools and Brums of the world.

Let’s not fill another page with Arry’s a ****. Maybe he is, I don’t know the man. But what I do now is we’re in deep, maybe far deeper than those merely on a salary. Europe is something to be cherished and a platform to exploit.

It needs to be managed right or it’ll deteriorate into a The Three Stooges sketch with lots of charging around, bumping into each other and cartoon violence as we implode.  The teams fielded need to be comprised of teams that are capable of wearing the shirt, but not at the expense of the Premiership campaign.

I rather snidely referred to this approach as incorporating the scraps a week or so ago, but if you look at our squad there is enough depth there. Sure, hopefully we’ll sell a few that have been loaned in the last term, but with those that we don’t surely they’d revel in tackling the Europa? I’m sure Levy & Co wouldn’t be against these ‘grey men’ raising their profiles and perhaps the value of their stock?

Some supporters need to examine just where they stand. Missing out on Champions League is a crying shame, but we reached the quarter finals with our first go at it. There is no Easy Street here and it’s down to everyone from the bloke listening on half naffed radio in Kuala Lumpur to the seen it all season ticket holder to the men on the pitch to rise to the naffin’ challenge.

Wanting us to finish 6th was the equivalent of a spoiled child wanting nothing at all if it can’t have another ice cream.

To paraphrase Harold Shand in The Long Good Friday, “What I’m looking for is someone who can contribute to what Tottenham has given to the world: culture, sophistication, genius. A little bit more than crying over spilled milk , know what I mean?”

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