Date:16th May 2011 at 9:33am
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Good morning.

It was a game all about our midfield and our defence.  Van der Vaart played a role I’d struggle to equate to that of a centre forward. The old soldier Sir Ledley ‘Large One’ King returned and his effect upon the back four was tangible to put it mildly. What worries me is that whilst it’s great to get this classy display all out transfer grumbles appear to be around replacing the strikers.

The strikers to one side, just stop and consider how amazing we’d be if we had a player as good as Ledders there ALL THE BLEEDIN’ TIME. The strikers by and large do need binning. They were irrelevant to the win.

The most notable difference is his confidence with crosses. Leaping and taking the ball creates confidence because it kills the threat.

At his best yesterday, composed and controlling. Obviously told told to ease up on the forays forward and it was a good plan.

The ‘Ledders Factor’ was very much in evidence. Like spending a day in the office with your boss sharing your desk. He looked pretty fierce.

Half man,  half cyborg strapped up with half lollypop sticks bound with parcel string. That said he denied all-comers and looked like he hadn’t been away. Just fit, just excellent.

They talk about people needing to step up and this boy did just that. So many want the kids to come through and this looks like he will. Brilliant to see.

Ran about a bit but ultimately didn’t set the game alight. A good few short balls but really didn’t spark. Not a disaster, just a tad drab.

With players closing in on him from all directions he created opportunity with intelligence and skill that was a delight to watch. Anyone who doesn’t understand his importance doesn’t understand football.

Outstanding. Physically and mentally up to the Premiership demands and an excellent buy.

I just don’t get why we bought him. If anyone wants to briefly outline why, I’d be pleased to read it. He’s not awful, I just don’t get what he’s supposed to do.

Intelligent and gifted. His critics need to give him the benefit of a preseason before wheeling out what’s obvious in his first season. Needs to lose a few pounds and improve fitness.

I’ve run out of patience with him and tactics including him making the first team. I can see how on the International stage and in Europe of course but in the Premiership it seems to me that the jig is up.

He may well be a Yiddo, but championing him is a rapidly becoming a clutching at straws exercise. Offers little aside from goals and hasn’t offered any of them in a dog’s age.