Rossi ITK Is Cobblers

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According to some bloke called Fernando Roig.

Just found this quote and thought I’d share it. Not that it gives me any pleasure to see us linked with third hand motors like Asamoahwotsisname, it’s just I find some ITK’s tedious.

If you have something to share, just get on with it and share it and stop acting like an attention seeking child. Bap my butt.

Oh yes, Fernando Roig is the President Of Villa Real.

“Talks have not [happened] here, and we have not [received] offers from any club. The player is on vacation. [As] I said he wants to be here, [he is] happy, and wants to stay,”

Rossi] is a key player, is an important player and therefore the club has him and his goals for next season [in mind]. We face a great year and [will] do it with the same enthusiasm as always. We will make an effort to have better equipment and [be] more competitive to cope with all three competitions.”

Roig was talking to

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  • Greg says:

    going to barca

  • Greg says:

    wow 1st

  • bob says:

    We ain’t going to be spending €30 Million + on anyone without CL footie. It’ll be fading or upcoming players not players in their prime sadly. Sorry if that is depressing. this may cheer you up…

  • IoanX says:

    Most top class and ambitious players who are on the prime of their football career prefer to play for top class and ambitious clubs which always aim to win championships and trophies and they participate regularly in international competitions.
    Very big money and salaries can play a role sometimes but not always specially if the difference concerning them isn’t great and the specific club shows an obvious a lack of ambition.

    • frontwheel says:

      Medals or money,money wins all the time.No footballer is gonna share a fans passion for their team except when they retire and you end up with dildo’s like Merson etc(Phil Thompson may be an exception.So i’ve beat my own argument)

  • ianmrl says:

    Quick survey… this week we have bid for Rossi, Gyan, Abel Hernandez, Falcao, Gervinho, Vucinic, Berbatov, Dembele, Klose and Damiao. Apparently. A risky transfer strategy, presumably borrowed off that chap who tried to buy 30K worth of Olympic tickets??

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