VDV Re-signs

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Ahhhhhhhhhh come on, some of you must be new. Re-Signs….

But these pics are really good.  Are you honestly telling me they weren’t worth luring you in for? This is VDV renewing his wedding vows.

For the benefit of my BFF Spooky – they aren’t photo shopped.

And maybe Triffic Tottenham, you could re-title your piece, ‘Rafa Re-Signs Pictures’

Here they are. Hold on to your hernias, here’s the goods.

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  • theotherstu says:

    He really does have the opportunity to be a Legend at the lane though doesn’t he? I mean, we spent enough time trying to get him and now he’s here, he’s every bit as good as we thought he would be!

    Not sure about the classy Vegas wedding though

    • MysteriousStranger says:

      I thought we only spent about 6 hours trying to get him, and all that :blink:

  • Davidyido says:

    shit article

  • frontwheel 2 says:

    I wouldn’t shed a tear if he was off,i just think last season too many players under performed because he’s on a different wave length to them.I hope it can be resolved this season, i would love him to become more of a team player and also let Bale take a few freekicks

  • visualaids says:

    Ordinarily I can’t be bothered with the whole inter blog snipes H but Triffic is unbelievably shit and that Dear Mr is actually worse :cwy:

  • Dick Scratcher says:

    You can’t get the wood you know!

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