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Good morning.

This is interesting to put it mildly. It was mooted a while back that contact had been made with Mark Hughes. Presumably to step into the breech should our current incumbent find himself unable to get into work one day. Perhaps a freak snow storm will block his car in. We have all been taking this global warming pretty light heartedly…

Well it’s been suggested to me this morning that this is only Plan B.

Plan A is that we are indeed talking to Real Madrid. But not just about players. The defiant, near angry response to the Modric offer, plus the intensive pursuit of the NDP reflects that the Club is only just beginning to shift through the gears.

Jokey quotes about 2 points from 8 games to one side, a child could tell you that Spurs had a phenomenal season marred only by the abysmal form of the strikers. If ‘ifs and ands were pots and pans there’d be no need for tinkers,’ but had Spurs not missed so many comparative sitters we could have finished as high as 3rd. My point being that for all our moaning, we’d look like a pretty sweet prospect to many.

The Special One to White Hart Lane?

Yes please.

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  • @sfreundwasaleg says:

    yes please, but 0% chance

    • The V says:

      This is clearer than daylight my friends. The stadium was the one obstacle.
      Jose’s M.O. (until real madrid) take a team with potency, make it great (again), simple.

      All those that had him pegged to roll into yanited are way off. Poison cup.
      Citeh? No challenge. Cheatski? done that, ill blood. Point to prove? Yes? Underline yourself as greatest ever undisputed manager of all time? Yes. How? Take those lily white beauties all the way!

      Did bale go to Madrid? No? Why? ….Exactly!

      He can’t be the best manager of all time if he doesnt do it in the greatest league. He can’t be the best by inheriting the best. Too many shadows.

      I’m not mad, it’s just that I support Spurs.

  • Hoopspur says:

    There used to be this bloke who walked around shouting Peanuts, Peanuts – quite nice they were too.

    I suggest we find him to sort out some payment for the Special One and his entourage.

    Really Harold!?!

  • Modderate delight says:

    Oh do leave it out! Would be wonderful but methinks that mini Mourinho is only warming the pan for the return of the SO to the Kings Road dilletantes.

  • Gez says:

    I am not keeping up here. I thought we were talking to Real Madrid about their stadium!

  • Fatfish says:

    I’m sure that Jose would love to get one over on Abramovich & indeed Villas Boas, as by all accounts they aren’t the buddies they used to be.

    I honestly couldn’t see him coming at the moment though as we just won’t pay the money for the players he would demand.

    I’ll take Ancellotti as an interim!

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