Defoe’s Tweet Hint

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Good afternoon chaps. As you were. We don’t stand on ceremony here.

So another day another dilemma. Nice cars Dilemmas. But I digress. Jermain Defoe on his day is lethal. Absolutely lethal. But so once was Cholera.

“Another day with new opportunities. God always has a plan. JD”
That was the Tweet from the Neopolitan Swordsman just one hour (ish) ago. But what does it actually mean? For the love of Amy Whineglass’s plastic mourners, if the players start talking in ITK cryptic drivel we are really scuppered.
So let’s have a chat discussing if Defoe is actully worth persevering with and at the same time a competition to second guess what his New Opportunities might be.

The funniest stab at what his plans or indeed those of a higher being might be wins …a fortnight for two in a Sheringham Beach Hut with my hottest follower on Twitter. 
The sumptuous Ms Ophelia Balls, aka @_COYS_   yet another reader who could not resist getting HH all over their chest.

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