What Was Gareth Saying To Gomes?

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Good evening. In the softly spoken words of Sidney Wang, ‘Conversation like television set on honeymoon: unnecessary.’

But this latest shot from our gallant lads in training must be worth a punt at the old caption comperoonie.

The winner of the funniest suggestion wins a set of autographed dentures belonging to David Gold.  Second prize is a fortnight for two in Mr Gold’s panic room. Third prize is 3 entire minutes in the company of David Sullivan.

The judges decision is final. Your home may be at risk if you go out leaving all the doors and windows open.

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  • jimmy_boy81 says:

    These newly designed premier league footballs are shit aren’t they Gareth!

  • jimmy_boy81 says:

    Livestrong wrist bands are so last year Gareth

  • Lodvic says:

    GB: What’s with the target?
    HG: duno, harry just said put it on and go stand on this cross on the floor next to Bale and catch the ball. Oh and pay no attention to the man in the bushes over there with a sniper rifle!


    HG: urgh……

    (Harry Redknapp enters left smoking a cigar and stepping over Gomes corpse approaching Bale, glaring menacingly)

    HR: so Gareth me old Mucker, you wanted to talk about a move to United?

  • nicktheyid says:

    Gb: already told me he’s got more confidence in me than you

  • Markera says:

    It’s fun to stay at the YMCA.

    Either that or “why is a brazilian wearing a bra”

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