Luka Modric Caught Escaping From The Lane

Image for Luka Modric Caught Escaping From The Lane

The Barclays Premier League, already in an advanced state of meltdown has been shaken to it’s very core this afternoon.

Rumour upon rumour have frayed the nerves of the toughest of men. News of confirmed transfers are thin on the ground. 3MP is currently being goaded into the back of a white van by a pair of  Senior Keepers from London Zoo. Kieron Dyer is discussing terms with Holby City and Jermaine Jenas has locked himself in a female toilet cubicle in Brent Cross shopping centre.

Despite repeated pleas from Arry Redschnapps, no improved bids from Cheatski have emerged. However HH understands that the player has decided to take matters into his own hands. Levy & Co.’s Imperial Guard have been scrambled and are blocking the Kings Road.

SSN captured the moment the Croatian broke free.

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