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Me again.

There appears to be something close to good news on the horizon in relation to Togo’s finest. Respected cyber snout Archibald has vouched for information on Spurs Community’s ITK page that a deal could yet be done.

A number of suggestionsn are being made and not all of them as cheery as the thought of us landing a new striker.

In relation to Adebayor the mooted deal is a 50/50 split between us and City of the players £175pwk wages. This would be for the period of a one year loan deal.

The issue as ever is freeing up wage bill space currently being hogged by losers, hangers on and soap dodging miscreants. PSB heading to to Hollywood with his bint and an endless procession of Brown Thomas bags full of LFC memorabelia will be a good start, but either Defoe or Crouch or preferably both also need a gentle nudge towards the JobClub™.

Let’s hope this happens. I can imagine Modders deciding that he has remembered another mythical gentleman’s agreement whereby Levy & Co promised him a big name striker. Well mush this is pretty big. It’s got eight letters in it. You’ve only got six.


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  • Horny Helen says:

    Really hope we succumb to desperation and bring Adebyor in. He is an overpaid over hyped lazy bastard and considering he will only be on loan I can’t see him giving 100% or even close to it. No no no

  • aidyj says:

    could this be a ………….

  • James M says:

    This would be a good deal, now let Modric go for 30 + Sturridge and get Diarrhoea in, still undecided on a centre half, probably because I think Kaboul suffices.

  • gilbo says:

    Adebayor is a big name, but when you consider the amount of letters in his first moniker, EMANNNUAEELLLE, he fits the bill perfectly.

  • gilbo says:

    Infact, if the Hulk story has legs, we could actually end up with the Green Scar and HE-MANNNUAEELLLE up front…

    Ah, fantasy. The last hiding spot before reality.

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