Nilmar Talks Underway, Diarra On Loan Or For Keeps

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Good morning,

Being a Tottenham fan these days is like having some mad disease. You’re viewing everything at time lapse photography speed, everything that surrounds you is rattling by accelerated.  But you’re in a slo mo zombied coma.

You know when things bad. The world’s worst ITK, Jasper has remerged from another sojourn in Broadmoor. I don’t mind people getting things wrong, we all get things wrong, but Jasper’s pronouncements are either the diametric opposite of what will happen or stuff that appeared in this morning’s paper.

Jasper Watch is now on amber.

So hopefully the news that we have begun negotiating for Nilmar will keep you going until well, at least teatime. The word comes from @Football_Agent9 who is also saying that Diarra is done, certainly either a loan, perhaps permanent. Which explains our Real Madrid discussions.

Oh Christ, what have I done? Cue an avalanche of ‘ITKs’ revealing that Nilmar discussions, ‘looking good,’ ‘player wants to come,’ and ‘VillaReal arguing over add-ons’ and a conveyor belt of assorted attention seeking.

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  • hotspurhartley says:

    Being a Tottenham fan has always been like having some mad disease…..but we wouldn’t change it for the world…..COYS

  • jan says:

    apparently the stumbling block with nilmar is the ‘blowjob on Friday’ clause…

  • Peter says:

    It’s strange now a day’s.. I keep getting that bad feeling, like something is seriously wrong. More or less the feeling that you have been dead drunk and can’t remember shit from yesterday. I haven’t done crap lately too worry about but I’m sure it’s because Spurs haven’t sorted out the team for the coming season. Pretty sure that bad feeling would go away as soon as J****, Hutton, Keane, Bently and the rest of the garbage is gone, but guess I’ll never know, cause they won’t go, will they?!

    I’m fu**ed and Spurs are starting to get proper fu**d!

  • Jay says:

    I only started following SC ITK’s this summer as I didnt believe anyone has a clue who we are signing at WHL except Levy, not even Redknapp knows.

    I shouldn’t have wasted my time, they have us linked to everyone, some are so believable, the Journalist is a new one who called Diarra ages ago, Hutton to Villa is near done and apparently we want Huntelaar.

    Probably all crap too, i got to stop spending all my time on newsnow, I seriously can’t believe we havent’t signed anyone, what are they playing at.

    Llorente on his own would make up for it though, I believe we only need that 1 super striker and we are done

  • ric says:

    Please please tell me the swap of Azza against ADE is a joke!

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