Date: 15th September 2011 at 7:48am
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Good morning.

I read the squad sheet for this evenings game and I’m struggling to up any enthusiasm. With only two first team ‘names’ , this looks very likely to be on a par with the unadulterated toss served up against Hearts at least time out. 

Why the hate for the kids? Well it’s not hate you see, more an instance of me liking to get what I ordered. I like Chinese food. But if I sit down in a steakhouse, order the rib eye and all the trimmings I don’t really expect to have duck, pancakes etc plonked down before me.

I’m happy enough to go watch the youth players. I’d part with a fiver and take my chances with the best of you. But this is Europe, whatever brain numbing spin you want to put on it and I didn’t order kids. This is Europe.

One angle that has been mumbled on several occasions by our tight lipped supremo is the old ‘Thursdays and Sundays is a killer’ routine. Can someone with a Phd is Egg-timers or above kindly explain the difference between Thursdays and Saturdays and Wednesdays and Saturdays?