Are We There Yet? Are We There Yet? Are We There Yet?

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Good morning.

I read the squad sheet for this evenings game and I’m struggling to work up any enthusiasm. With only two first team ‘names’ , this looks very likely to be on a par with the unadulterated toss served up against Hearts at least time out. 

Why the hate for the kids? Well it’s not hate you see, more an instance of me liking to get what I ordered. I like Chinese food. But if I sit down in a steakhouse, order the rib eye and all the trimmings I don’t really expect to have duck, pancakes etc plonked down before me.

I’m happy enough to go watch the youth players. I’d part with a fiver and take my chances with the best of you. But this is Europe, whatever brain numbing spin you want to put on it and I didn’t order kids. This is Europe.

One angle that has been mumbled on several occasions by our tight lipped supremo is the old ‘Thursdays and Sundays is a killer’ routine. Can someone with a Phd is Egg-timers or above kindly explain the difference between Thursdays and Saturdays and Wednesdays and Saturdays? 

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  • jiz says:

    Harry I like your blog, I really do. But the pop up ads are doing my head in. I can’t click your site until they’re gone. I know you’ll come up with some kind of insulting reply making out I shouldn’t be visiting you anyway, but those ads really are a pain in the arse and I can’t be doing with them no more.

    • Harry Hotspur says:

      Why would I insult you because some stupid pop up Ad gives you a headache?

      I’ll pass the comment on. What was on the Ad?

      • eastanglianspur says:

        Hi HH,

        What pisses me off is that the site never fully loads on the first click nor after making comment. It’s so ad heavy it can’t handle it on the first down load.

    • Iain says:

      Try the AdBlock Plus extension for Firefox. That should eliminate all pop-ups.

      Been reading this blog for 2 years and this is the first insightful comment I feel like I should post? Cripes.

      • MysteriousStranger says:

        I’ve made the same comment about the excellent Firefox extensions but it seems everyone still finds themselves using other browsers, myself included on occasion. *closes Glee pop-up, then ad, Gears of War 3 pop-up ad, wonders why I didn’t launch Firefox again* :blush:

      • eastanglianspur says:

        Thanks for that – works a treat.

        • jerkinmahjurgen says:

          wtf is a pop-up?? Sounds quite nice… The kids played well in that atmosphere, if only superstar experienced international Pav didn’t shoot from his own half all the time we may have had better chances. Did Les tell him to watch a Defoe video?

  • ian says:

    i expect harry to be talking england job for next few weeks as it leads upto his court case. it will give the jury the feeling of you can send to prison the next england manager.

  • KevTheRev says:

    I have thought about this… You know when the Beatles became famous everyone but everyone swears they saw them play live before they were famous… True or not true man like to trot out that same line. Now apply that to any famous person (Pele, Ice Monkeys, JR Hartley) and you will see that we possibly have the chance to say we watched these youths play and recognised their greatness before the rest of the football world. So come on it’s history, it’s greatness it’s majestic it’s awesomeness just for us, come on join me… no? Just me then!

  • knockem bandy says:

    I cannot get excited, with clusterfuck managing the team. Carlo please

  • Ron Burgundy says:

    In this specific instance we are away from home, and have an incredibly important game vs. Liverpool on Sunday

    No brainer, we play a second string.

    Had we had less injuries, then it would be a stronger side that we’d be sending out, but we do, so it isn’t

    Sending a team out there and then flying them back after the game is the worst possible preparation for a Sunday game. And quite frankly we will probably qualify from the group whether we lose this or not.

    Easy decision, right choice made by Harry.

    • Topspur says:

      Well said Ron, A voice of sanity amongst a clusterfuck of retards.

      Just how hard can it be to work out that Harry has done exactly the right thing, or would they rather risk the core of our team watching the game against the NW scum from the cheap sheets as they nurse their injuries and their muscles?

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