Ex Cheatski Supremo ‘Sounded Out’

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Good afternoon.

Carlo Ancelotti left the hot seat at Second Hand Fridge on the 22nd of May to join The Special One and Scolari who waited nine months and a year respectively before re immersing themselves in football.

I have been told that Carlo has been sounded out quite recently by a senior shadowy figure in our ‘Sounding Out Department.’

This ought to happen.  But then their isn’t a successful business model in the world based on the word ‘ought’. Just see ‘journalists ought to get paid for writing copy’ and The Times’ paw wall for details.

For all the good that has Arry has done, it is not the work of a media conspiracy that the bulk of fans want him to shut up and focus on managing 

For those of you joining us late, I have repeatedly said that I believe Redschnapps is a great crisis manager on that basis he’ll excel for the FA as the  England team has been in a permanent state of crisis since they won the World Cup.

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  • spurstough says:

    He has amazingly thick hair for a man his age…dont you think?

  • Tel says:

    He seems to be coming out with more gaffs than ever these days…its like he doesn’t give a toss anymore.
    I cant believe Levy cant control his mouth, in fact I think that most of the time he probably is controling it. But some of the stuff Redknapp has been coming out with in the last few months is ridiculous. I cant see Levy approving of the recent VdV episode

  • bgreenway says:

    ance lotti no better than what we got :cool:

    • calebray says:

      why not?
      even if he isn’t, he gets my vote purely because he can conduct himself with class and dignity.

    • Ray says:

      Are you some kind of twat, “Ancelotti no better than what we’ve already got” You arsehole, Ancelotti is miles better manager than the c**t we have. At least he knows how to win trophies of the highest calibre both as a player and manager, is respected throughout Europe and a very big positive, knows how to keep his f**king mouth shut, dont jump to air his views to the press at the drop of as hat and makes a shaky situation a whole lot worse unlike the prick masquerading as our manager.

    • jim says:

      You sir are a c^nt. As a player he won 3 italian titles, 4 italian cups, 2 european cups, 2 uefa super cups, 2 intercontinental cups. He played at 2 world cups. As a manager 1 italian cup, 2 european cups, 2 uefa cups, 1 league title, 1 world club cup, 1 fa cup, 1 prem title. Harry was a shite player and is a shite manager. How can you say no better than what we have?

  • gilbo says:

    don’t wanna annoy you hazzold, but this was talked about early in the summer…

    • Harry Hotspur says:

      I heard it too in the summer. On June 6th, Carlo told the Grauniad that talk of him managing in England or at Roma, in particular was fantasy.

      I only got told of the sounding out yesterday.

      • gilbo says:

        I’d take Carlo.. in fact, he’s the only man (other than Mourinho) that I’d like to be our next manager…

  • Aimee says:

    4th, then 5th. Good squad, not selling our best and the best european run we have had in horses years (like donkeys but better). I think the mtv instant generation is getting to you H.

    • Tel says:

      You cant disagree that Redknapp should keep it schtum now and again though, can you?

    • Harry Hotspur says:

      With all due respect Aimee, I’m not championing Arry out because I’m bored.

      In fact I’d like him to stay. But there are a few things he needs to work on.

      1. Stop talking us through your every waking moment.
      2. Obey all the rules

      This club is doing better than it has in a long time, but I’m increasingly unconvinced about Arry using the words, The Chairman as a ‘Get Out Of Jail Free Card’ and his inability to see a phone without picking it up and calling talkSPORT. No other manager does this. No other manager.

      • Paul F says:

        I agree with you in that it would be a lot better if he kept stum, but he’s in his mid-60s now and wont be changing his behaviour. Dogs, new tricks etc. And in fairness, we all knew what Harry was like before he took over at Spurs – we knew he likes to speak his mind. Infact more than ‘likes to’, he is infact compelled to. Its part of the package. He wont change.

        Your website for some reason does seem to attract every single one of the 0.000001% of Spurs fans who think Harry should be fired. It really is bizaare. It reminds me of the time about 5 or 6 years ago, when some very vocal Charlton fans started musing that Curbs had ‘taken them as far as he could’ and that he should be moved on. Of course fans of every other club could see the reality – they were where they were BECAUSE Curbs had taken them as far as he could, and that firing him would all end in tears. 5 years on, which division are Charlton in now? I’ve honestly lost track.

        Those 0.000001% who want Harry out really should be careful what they wish for. Its not like Levy has a track record of success at picking managers. Hoddle ended in tears, Pleat was a man out of his time, Santini was simply surreal, Jol was a complete accident (assistant / caretaker when nobody else would come), Ramos was appalling. Even Harry was chosen as he was the only one available, and was initially on a shortish contract. I like Levy in general but hiring managers aint his thing. Stick with the one we have please – you know, the one that’s taken us from a laughing stock to one of the last 8 in the Champions League.

        • jerkinmahjurgen says:

          I’m so glad you made this comment. I stopped going on Vital ‘cos it’s full of anti’s and miserable sod’s that don’t know what support means. Often from other countries, they demand sugar-daddies and support giving a footballer £200,000 pw. Fkn yankie and canadians, ‘supporting’ Spurs… It weren’t a choice. Like family. I’ll stand by them ad look for the positives, and wish our own fans didn’t cunt us off as much as they do.

        • SpurredoninDublin says:

          .000001% is one in a hundred million. Having seen people on DML and TT (when I used to be bothered with it), there must be the best part of 100 posters who contribute regularly to those blog, which means that we must have over 10 Billion fans. That is some achievement consider the population of this plant is 7 Billion.

          On the other hand, when you make such patently ludicrous claims, don’t be surprised if someone asks you what you’ve been smoking.

      • calebray says:

        he represents our club and he is not doing it with the class and grace we deserve.

        ive said it before but.. we are spurs,not feckin west ham.

      • Spurfect says:

        Not gonna happen.

        He’s still touting for the England job and that’s why he wanted Modric sold.

        He coulda signed a few one season wonders to boost his CV and reputation not giving a toss what we are left with after he does the bunk. If the signings didnt work he could just blame Levy for going back on his word about selling Modric.

        He was desperate to flog off our crown jewels (Modric) because he knew that now this season is going to be about keeping him happy, and takes the focus off of the media tart Redknapp.

        Redknapps done a great job for Spurs and took us strides forward (up until last Christmas) and I’d be all for him continuing the project, but as I said at the start of the summer, his focus is no longer on the long-term ambition of
        Spurs its just focused on his next job, England.

        And its to the detriment of our club. By the time someone else is in the hotseat we’ll have left long behind and will have to dish out double what we would’ve to attract the right players.

        Unfortunately we’re stuck in a catch 22 that theres noone f high calibre to take over so we’re left with him taking us as far as he can this season without financial backing (because Levy wont buy big on players that maybe be out the door next year or two) Let just hope we’re still and attractive enough prospect next year for a decent manager when Harry takes the England reigns.

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