Date: 14th September 2011 at 11:21am
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Good afternoon.

Carlo Ancelotti left the hot seat at Second Hand Fridge on the 22nd of May to join The Special One and Scolari who waited nine months and a year respectively before re immersing themselves in football.

I have been told that Carlo has been sounded out quite recently by a senior shadowy figure in our ‘Sounding Out Department.’

This ought to happen.  But then their isn’t a successful business model in the world based on the word ‘ought’. Just see ‘journalists ought to get paid for writing copy’ and The Times’ paw wall for details.

For all the good that has has done, it is not the of a media conspiracy that the bulk of fans want him to shut up and focus on managing 

For those of you joining us late, I have repeatedly said that I believe Redschnapps is a great crisis manager on that basis he’ll excel for the as the   team has been in a permanent state of crisis since they won the World Cup.

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