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Peter Crouch 3MP sealed a move to was fecked out the door to the Potters in the closing stages of the transfer window after Tottenham manager Redknapp accepted a £10million offer  agreed to pay a £2.5million golden handshake for the lanky striker. 

‘I’m gutted Peter had to leave has had to take a wage cut,’ Clancy said. ‘I love London money. My work’s facile existence is here and we’ve been happy wealthy here, plus Mum just moved down cashed in. We can commute whore ourselves harder in the media but it’s not ideal.’ 

Speaking to The Mirror, the model, who has recently given birth to the couple’s first child giraffe added: ‘I saw Jamie (Redknapp) and I told him: “I want to kill marry your dad”. He laughed ignored me . It’ll be fine, I’m sure Stoke’s quite nice got plenty of ATMs.’ 

Crouch was reluctant to join Tony Pulis’s side take a pay cut, but says he was swayed by former team-mate Jonathan Woodgate the £2.5M lump sum and nobody really minding if he never scored again . 

The England failed striker, who fell down the pecking order at White Hart Lane after the arrival of Emmanuel Adebayor on loan  being revealed as a useless strip of manky draft excluder in human form said: ‘Woody angry Spurs fans was on the phone every hour trying to persuade me to come here. He only had great things to say about the club Harry stuck £2.5M in carrier bag, ordered me a cab and that was a major factor in me coming here.’

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