Date: 4th October 2011 at 8:08am
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Good morning.

The tiresome issue of Club Statements dominates and perhaps the Inter Lull is a useful opportunity for some of us to pull the car over switch the engine off, take a deep breath and have a bloody good long hard look at ourselves. who for who knows how long suffered abuse actually matched and perhaps even outshone cavemen with their own hate  songs on Sunday.

As I’ve mentioned previously, even for those with no moral center be they or – no value system worth speaking of – the fact that both clubs have seen fit to issue a statement condemning those with a lust for bullying – and face facts, that’s essentially what this is -that the jig is well and truly up.

I actually think this blog is well past the point of ‘arguing the case’ against the minority of bigots hiding behind the ‘it’s banter/just a laugh’ defense. The notion that somehow buying a ticket to a football match gives one a passport to bully using race, or inferences of homophobia or suggest child abuse is a deluded one.

Yes, banter is good. The sharper, the nastier the better in my book. But sing about child molestation in a supposedly humourous way? Have any of you choirboys got children? Are you allowed near children?

I don’t ’embrace’ the whole politically correct gig. But this garbage needs knocking on the head now. I don’t even understand how it’s still in existence.