Date:6th October 2011 at 8:36am
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Good morning.

Yesterday we had the breakfast, today the dog’s dinner. For those of you joining us late I am one of those born again moany types who went from enjoying Arry amiably providing the press with quotes …to one that has become increasingly jaundiced with his inability to break wind without calling talkSPORT and shooting – if not literally talking them through – the breeze.

Arry has responded to Rafa’s gripes via not only the same medium but via the same newspaper. 

“Yes, it does seem to be a problem. Rafa can’t run back and chase the full-back. Against the better teams it is a problem. Rafa’s best position is in the middle, playing just behind the front man.

The only problem is that Jermain Defoe plays there too and Jermain is playing very, very well at the moment.

So, I guess I have got a decision to make, haven’t I? I suppose it’s now between Rafa and Jermain over who plays in the team.”

Dear Mr Redschnapps, if you genuinely feel you have a decision of such mind numbing stupidity such as this to make, please make it your last.