Date: 31st December 2011 at 9:40pm
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Good evening.

Welcome to the now legendary 10 o’clocker. What are you doing here? I tell you what old girl – you’re basking. This is the boy’s daily dose. You can now see why I opted for the title I did, can’t you?

But, soft! what light through yonder window breaks?

Three pieces. Or shafts as they are known in the light business. What???

The journalist was prolific in last summer’s window. And not always in a good way. The impression of charitable folk was that he was a pretty junior Johnny on a top and one that had not spent to000o much time evaluating the scraps that drunken superiors tossed him. Less charitable folk were – well, less charitable.

Well he’s back. In fairness I can only only applaud this move. Why? Because God loves a trier and I’ve always been curiously drawn to nutters.

Not specific transfer news but told this morning that Harry has set his own transfer window date. He has told he wants all of Tottenhams dealings to be completed by the 10/11 of January.

Harry has even told that even if a “gift” becomes available he would prefer to go with what he’s got.

The second and third are rubbish. POTL reveals that is off to Leeds on a loan. Will this happen? He says it will and we all appreciate his input, but… this has been all over the Internet shop. ITKs by definition need to stick to unique information. Harsh? Well, that’s this business we call show…

And some bloke on Community called ackie says…

Here’s my itk – Samba de janeiro
Go figure…

Ackie, you’re an attention seeking child that urgently needs suffocating in a grotesquely demeaning manner. How clever is your fiendishly fiendish riddle? Errr not very …as no one with IQ points is actuallyjoining in. On behalf of adults everywhere ackie, see if you can out our own conundrum right back atchya…