Date: 21st January 2012 at 11:15am
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Good morning.

Rumour has it we’re playing football against a shower of odd looking mercenaries tomorrow afternoon.  If was a beauty contest they’d win second prize and collect £10.

Bobby Manc and have had a little bit of handbags which is nice. Arry essentially  suggesting that a partially sighted octogenarian lolly pop lady could win the league with Manchester City’s money. A surreal conversation given that the manager of Colchester United probably says the same about us.

The team then. My guess is that Ledders is being defrosted by & Co’s Cryogenic team as we speak. Here’s my XI:

Brad, , King, , Walker, Chicken Badge, PNB, Bale, Azza Blud, and . Bench: Cudicini, Pav, Livermore and Dos Santos.

I’d give Defoe until half time and not a nano second longer. In the immortal words of Raymond Wilkins, you need to score goals in the .