Date: 15th January 2012 at 9:38pm
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Hello young lovers.

Well yesterday’s blog was fun wasn’t it? Well only another seven days to go until the Manchester City game so best I use the time wisely and rehearse lots and lots of ever so glowing and grateful rhetoric to scatter gently into my appraisal. 

was in France today. Specifically to watch Loic Remy. He told Radio 5Live this earlier today. Redschnapps  has personally scouted him before. That was two years ago. Since then Aitch revealed that have had a few people watch him. On and off. 

Will this happen? Well every window, up pops a name, a supposed Tottingham target that is used as merely a bargaining chip to up the ante whilst genuine negotiations tick along nicely in the background.

Would Remy be a good thing if we signed him? Probably. But let’s be intelligent people and focus upon what we know. Flogging isn’t on the agenda. Pav’s departure is beset by all the usual Cagney scene financial issues. The have Loric’s worth at £20m. My valuation having scoured a little further is closer to £13m, possibly £15m. Now who says I’m not cut from Levy & Co cloth?

Potentially far more exciting news is the possibility we’re interested in the Newcastle United goalie, Tim Krul. Sure it’s a resurfacing rumour but let’s hope it has legs. He’s without doubt well worth pursuing and having Brad involved in training and mentoring is such an obvious winning combination. 


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