The 10 O’Clocker: Levy Wants Pato, Deschamps To Replace Arry & The Ray Wilkins Drinking Game

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Good evening hep cats. 

The old ITK game eh? Not the oldest profession in the world but there are stark similarities between all the parties involved in both.

The Journalist came out with a string of stuff in the last window that didn’t quite pan out. Sadly this has been grasped as an opportunity to throw him to floor and strike him soundly (in virtual bully boy but no actually fisticuffs type of way). 

There isn’t an ITK in the Tottinghamsphere with a one hundred percent track record, not one. You can’t be a bit ITK. That’s like being a bit of  a genius. A bit pregnant. So when it comes to ‘information’ you take it in good faith or you ignore it. Exercise self control, don’t blame others for your own failings and ignore it.

To the goss then. Daniel Levy is going all out to sign Pato. It is Daniel Levy’s personal goal to get him. Blimey. I like ITK like this. No song lyrics, no ‘my first is in ‘November’ but not in ‘tracheotomy’ cobblers. Or, ‘Blue & green should never be seen’.

Would Pato leave Italy? My answer to that would be a resounding, ‘Dunno has anyone asked him this week?’ Second question is of course money. And this is a point perhaps worth dwelling upon. Levy has witnessed a season that is doing a good impression of not only a greatness but consistency. 

Champions League money is the sweetest money of them all. And to fund it’s return is the canniest investment the director of  a football club can make. Pav, and Defoe have obviously failed to blaze a trail this season or the one before it. Yet the Lilywhite machine appears new and improved. 

Complacency isn’t in Levy & Co’s modus operandi so don’t discount the idea of the THFC Board going all in on a Top Top Player ©.  Remember, intelligent folk not only learn from their mistakes but more importantly have a willingness to learn.

I can imagine that Levy & Co had to be ‘sold’ the idea of Adebayor. Let’s face it, he’s naffin’ expensive. However, the impact of Adebayor (okay, he hasn’t actually scored for a bit, but do bare with me) will not have gone unnoticed.  Not at all. I predict Levy & Co offering an ‘enhanced’ salary deal to someone very soon. That said, if he knock more in, it could well be Manu himself.

The Didier Deschamps thing is interesting. The suggestion is that he is being lined up to replace Arry. This would have fitted Levy & Co’s profiling system before the whole Juande Ramos business. But a combination of Arry’s success and Capello’s slow PR suicide, I’d struggle to see him getting the nod over a more ‘British’ manager.

Interesting background quote from PSG Coach Carlo Ancelotti talking to Gazzetta dello Sport. 

“Pato? That’s a strange story – we don’t know. We’ll see. For January that one’s no longer a topic. In June.. 

I was offered unexpected players, players who have just signed spectacular contracts. In January.

Everybody wants to be here, there is money, there’s a coach with a good reputation.

 Names that have been offered by agents in addition to Tevez have been Fernando Torres, Dimitar Berbatov, Roman Pavlyuchenko, Edinson Cavani and Fernando Llorente.”

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  • Gilzeanwasgod says:

    ‘Bare with you’? What you do in the privacy of Hotspur towers is your business but I’ll be keeping my kit on thanks. How very dare you…

  • lecoqhardi says:

    Pato? Sooner have Plato. Socrates. Ah, small naked Greek boys for goalposts.

  • chiversmetimbers says:

    would that make us the “Didi-Coys”?

    ……………I’ll get me coat…..

  • onedavemackay says:

    Anyone with half a brain (and Daniel is blessed with a Cambridge educated whole one) would realise that another 17 games like the last 19 and we might even win the Prem. So acquiring a top of the pops striker even if it costs a couple of bob is a no brainer. Just look at the difference a Demba Ba or Robbing Van Pursesnatch can make. No idea who that might be but Pato has the pedigree.

    On the manager front it’s more complex. Does Dan go for someone with experience like Huddink or someone who would continue the passing game like Brendan Rogers. The real dark horse completely left field could never happen bet is Guardiola who has said he will leave Barca soon.

  • Afelching says:


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